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The City of Washington Animal Control & Adoption Facility was opened on May 3, 1993 as a department of the City of Washington, Indiana. It is funded by the City of Washington and it's 3 full time staff members are employees of the City. There is a office manager, assistant office manager, and a head animal control officer. Our primary purpose is to remove stray and unwanted animals from the streets and properties of the City of Washington and try to adopt them to caring, responsible owners. We deal with everything having to do with animals within the city limits of Washington, Indiana, at large animals, nuisance wildlife, injured animals, enforce city animal ordinances, cruelty complaints, rescue, etc. We accept animals from Daviess County which pays an annual fee for the service. Being a municipal shelter, we cannot refuse to accept an animal from the City of Washington, we cannot say we are full. To learn more about us, log onto www.washingtonin.us and then click on Animal Control.

Adopting a friend

Every animal adopted from the Washington Animal Control and Adoption Facility must be spayed or neutered when of age. All animals are available for adoption the same day they are selected unless they are still under the 7 day stray period. You will be asked to fill out an adoption contract which states that you will have the animal spayed/neutered by the required time and that you will give the animal a good home and abide by all local and state ordinances. Current Fees: Unaltered Dogs & Pups.....$25 adoption fee & $40 spay/neuter depostit. Total: $65 Includes a Vanguard 5 shot and Worming. Altered Dogs:........$40 Unaltered Cats.....$15 adoption fee & $30 spay/neuter depostit. Total: $45 Unaltered Kittens....$10 adoption fee & $30 spay/neuter depostit. Total: $40 Altered Cats:......$30 To avoid your pet ending up at the shelter, we give you an ID tag for your pet.

Come Visit Us!

As with many shelters, we are not easy to find. We are located approximately 2 miles west of the Hwy. 57 & old Hwy. 50 intersection. We are located at 213 S 200 W. Come west on old Hwy 50 until you see the "Perdue" sign for the turkey processing plant, that is Clark Road.(200 W) Turn right and we are the first building on the left ( look for the red roof). We are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturdays from 8:00am to 12:00pm. We are colsed Sundays and Holidays.
Washington Animal Control & Adoption Facility
213 W 200 S
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812-254-8226
Email: animalcontrol@washingtonin.us

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