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Misty Eyes Animal Center is currently raising funds to build a facility that will house our adoptable pets.  It will also be home to our Learning Center.  We have many fund raisers and events in the works and always welcome volunteers.  Please visit our website at www.MistyEyes.org.

Who We Are

Misty Eyes Animal Center is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs in the communities that we serve by providing compassionate shelter, care and adoption services for homeless and unwanted dogs. We will help individuals and families find a pet that is an appropriate match for their household. We will not euthanize for space.

It is the mission of our Learning Center to create a better community by helping pets and educating people. We will provide a variety of courses at our facility as well as offer programs at off-site community locations.  

In addition we will provide numerous community outreach programs including “LUHY”, a program designed to provide seniors and those facing life altering changes with options for the care and future of their beloved pets.

Come Visit Us

We are currently raising funds to build our facility.  In the mean time our pets are in foster homes.  Please contact Cherie@MistyEyes.org to set up a time to meet on of our adoptable pets.

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