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Click here to go to Art's page. Art was actually a transfer to our rescue from another rescue that decided to focus on cats and dogs. He is a nice boy, who can at times be talkative when you go to pick him up. He's a pretty chinchilla, and an unusual color, but we unfortunately feel that he is being passed up for adoption due to his red eyes. He does well with being handled and petted, and he does not bite. He is looking to go to his forever home, hopefully soon.

Who We Are

NWI Chinchilla Rescue is a non-profit organization. NWI Chinchilla Rescue is run out of a residential home in Hammond, Indiana. We have been helping to rescue and re-home furry exotics since 2003. For the animals, we provide shelter, proper care, love, socialization, and prompt veterinary care when needed. For the new adoptive families, we provide education, supplies for sale, and a lifetime of support.

Adopt a Friend

Adopting a chinchilla (or any other critter) from NWI Chinchilla Rescue involves a three-step process. First, the adoptive family needs to read through our chinchilla care packet, which details basic chinchilla care. Once this has been done, the adoptive home then needs to fill out our chinchilla adoption form. Once completed and returned, this form will be reviewed. If completed satisfactorily, the potential adoptive home then needs to submit a picture of their cage for what we call "proof of cage." If the cage shown is sufficient and appropriate to house a chinchilla in, they are then set to bring a few furry family member home.

All furry family members come with 2 pounds of feed (chinchillas come with Mazuri Chinchilla Chow or Tradition Chinchilla Feed, depending on what they are being fed at the rescue), a baggie of chews/treats, a chinchilla care booklet, and a lifetime of support.

All funds brought in from adoption fees and supply sales are used to pay for food, supplies, and necessary vet care for other rescues.

Come Visit Us!

Curious about adopting? Not sure if a chinchilla is the right pet for you? You don't have to adopt, in order to come see our facility and come visit the chins! People are welcome to come over and see what they think, see if chinchillas are right for them, or just come over and see what a day at the rescue is like. Please, do give us a call first, we are not always home (we do have day jobs & attend classes/seminars/chinchilla shows). If you'd like to come by and see a chinchilla or see how our facility is run (or if you'd like to volunteer your time -- there's always something that we could use help with!), shoot us an email - amgajda@sbcglobal.net or give us a call - 219-789-0026 and we will get back to you.

NWI Chinchillas
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Phone: 219-789-0026

Email: amgajda@sbcglobal.net

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