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Visit the shelter Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm!! ATTENTION RESCUES: If you see something on our page and are interested please speak up!!

Who We Are

Gibson County Animal Services (G.C.A.S.), a non-profit organization, was established on July 18th, 1996. The facility, which is located on county road 175 E. just south of Princeton, Indiana, serves as the temporary home for thousands of stray, injured, or abandoned animals each year.

The shelter has accomplished many things since our meager beginnings, thanks to countless hours by volunteers and many donations from the entire community.

G.C.A.S. is currently staffed by two Animal Welfare Officers, one Kennel Employee, an Office Manager, and the Director for the purpose of enforcing animal laws.

 The goals of G.C.A.S. are simple: First, to educate the public on the importance of proper animal care and responsible pet ownership so that the need for stray & lost animals to be brought into the shelter can be reduced or eliminated. Secondly, to ensure the animals that do have to stay at the shelter are safe, happy, and healthy while they are awaiting new homes. The staff and volunteers of G.C.A.S. believe that education plays such a vital role in the community that programs within local schools have been instituted to achieve this goal. We believe that these goals, when met, will make for a healthier, happier community, not only for our two-legged residents, but our four-legged friends as well.

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NEW IMPOUND POLICY As of 2/1/2008 we will be charging owners $25 for a rabies vaccination if they can't prove their dog is current on rabies as required by state law. If you come to claim your dog please bring a copy of your certificate or your tag.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a friend for life at Gibson County Animal Services The main concern of the Staff at G.C.A.S. is making sure that the correct pet is going to the correct home. The shelter has a large exercise area out front. Please feel free to take any animal that you are considering for adoption there in nice weather, and get to know each other before making the commitment to adopt. After you have decided on your new pet, if we don't know you or you are not from the immediate area, the staff may ask you for some type of veterinary or other reference. PLEASE DON'T BE UPSET! We try very hard to make sure the animals that pass through our doors are going to the best home possible. We want those homes to be both loving and permanent.

So, your reference checks out..Now what?
You will be given a copy of our adoption contract to read. If you agree with everything on the contract, you will sign it at the bottom. All unaltered pure bred animals will be spayed or neutered before the new owner takes them home.  All other unaltered animals will be given a spay/neuter voucher to be performed by the vetenarian of your choice.
After the adoption paperwork is complete, Animal Services staff will make the spay/neuter appointment for your new pet pure bred pet and let you know when you can pick them up at the veterinarian. This will save time and trouble for the new owners, and gives them time to get everything ready for their new companion.
Animals that are already altered and mix breeds can usually leave the shelter at the time of the adoption.
Current Fee Schedule
Unaltered Dogs:......................$95.00 
Includes spay/neuter, Rabies vaccination, 5-way shot, worming, collar and ID tag
Altered Dogs:.........................$85.00
Includes 5-way shot, worming, collar and ID tag
Unaltered Cats:.......................$75.00
Includes spay/neuter, Rabies vaccination, 5-way shot and worming
Altered Cats:..........................$65.00
Includes spay or neuter, rabies, age appropriate vaccines and worming

Come Visit Us in person or at our website!

Take Highway 41 to County Road 350S, the stoplight at the Toyota plant. Go two miles and take a right at the soccer fields, we are 1/4th of a mile on the left. Gibson County Animal Services
County Road 175 E
Princeton, IN 47670
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 474
Princeton, IN 47670
Phone: 812-386-8079
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