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We constitute the difference between life and death for our furry companions in our county. There are no salaries, no perks no expenses for staffing. The two of us do this because this is what is important to us, stopping the senseless killing, and striving in our own small way to create a society where there are "No more homeless pets"! At present we have little or no financial help and have to rely on what ever we can scrape from aluminium scrap and The Money Ms Anderson is able to extend from her meager wages to feed the animals. We no longer (under the demands of county government) kill helpless companion animals that have been dumped, abandoned and or mistreated by their owners. Through the efforts of our website placement ,consistent spay and neutering along with your help through consistent financial aid we will contimue our fight to save lives and make sure that each of the companions we take in receives a safe happy forever home with a "Guardian" that realizes the importance of their role as permanent caretaker.



We will only accept animals as space and funds become available. In other words, if one animal leaves based on our present population then we have space and funds to take in another animal. As animals leave their fees for adoption will cover the fees for spay/neuter/testing and innoculation of the next animal that comes into the sanctuary.



Email for an application: ovas@psci.net

The Sanctuary would like to remind you that most if not all State laws require rabies shots and the most if not all Counties require licenses, Guardians wishing to have free database registration of their pets at our Sanctuary must have rabies and license tags for their pets. Indiana state law also requires that you "Confine" your animal to your property. Be a good neighbor, don't let your pets roam freely. Be a good Guardian to your pet, spay or neuter, it will make them less prone to wander, and increase the longevity of your pet.

For further information contact the Sanctuary at 812-836-2307

Who We Are

We are a group of two dedicated individuals who have chosen to eat sleep and drink animal care. Our Goals are "NO MORE HOMELESS PETS" and being a totally "NO KILL" Sanctuary

As you may or may not know in November of 2002 the shelter took a stand against the county politicians and declared there would be NO MORE SENSELESS KILLING! We would no longer be their slaughterhouse, just because their backwoods mentality told them these were just dumb animals!

So now we come to you as a Sanctuary, no more homeless pets, no more senseless killing of our wonderful friends. As a result of our stand against the politicians, we ended up in a court battle, and the only way they could stop us was to break our lease on the land and force us off, so they could use the land for a new county run pet slaughter house

Now we have relocated and moved our animal friends to their new home.

As is always the case, there are the 2 of us to accomplish all of this and at least 4 or 5 volunteers that showed up to help.

The most important of all needs at the present time is MONEY to for food, water, medicine and spays and nueters that need to be done

Here is how you may help! Your donations to the Sanctuary Survival fund may be made via credit card at the paypal buttons on this page. Any amount at all is greatly appreciated. Donations of $100.00 or more places you as a sustaining member of the Sanctuary with a vote in the fundraising operations of the sanctuary.

Won't you please help the animals survive? It's all for the animals, nothing goes to salaries as we are totally volunteer now. Volunteers are needed for ongoing fundraising and help socializing the animals at the sanctuary.

Please open your hearts.......this can be done, in spite of folks that are so negative as to say it can't !

Lets show the politicians that animal lovers can do what the politicians won't!

Ohio Valley Animal Sanctuary Blocking the rainbow bridge

Adopting a friend

All our animals are suvivors of abandonment, dumping or abuse. Each has been lovingly cared for and socially rehabed here at the sanctuary

Phone: 812-836-2307
Email for an application: ovas@psci.net

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