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Our Rescue Angels are taking in new fosters every day. Keep checking back to see who's joined our group!


Adopting A Friend

If you're interested in adopting a friend, please visit us at www.ABRAangels.com or email us at ABRAangels@gmail.com for an application. 


We offer a two week trial to get to know your new family member. Email us for more details.

Who We Are

ABRA, Inc. is a foster-based rescue group dedicated to saving shelter pets.


Our mission is twofold: to save as many dogs and cats from living their final days in shelters and pounds as we can, and to educate the public so that one day our rescue won’t be necessary.


Our Rescue Angels open their homes to foster a dog or a cat until we are able to get them adopted into a forever home. We pull the most urgent animals: those that have very limited time left, those who won’t be adopted out based on their breed, etc. We do not discriminate. All dogs and cats deserve a chance at love, regardless of age, size, breed, looks, health, etc. We are always in need of foster volunteers. The more foster volunteers we have, the more lives we can save! ABRA provides all vetting and necessary supplies. As a foster volunteer, you provide a warm and loving home!


At ABRA, we believe in educating the public on the importance of:


  • spaying/neutering
  • proper training (the number one reason animals are dumped at shelters is because of behavioral issues that could easily be remedied with proper training)
  • the prevalence of dogfighting in our area and its ramifications for the entire community
  • proper diet, nutrition and medical care


If you aren't in a position to foster at this time but would like to help, there are other ways to volunteer. Also, donations are always appreciated! We are funded SOLELY by donations and run by volunteers - there is no payroll. Follow us on our journey to save lives and change the fate of hundreds of homeless pets by visiting our website or liking our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AllBreedRescueInc.


For more information on ABRA, Inc. or to see a complete list of our adoptable pets, please visit our website www.ABRAangels.com

Come Visit Us

Since we are foster based, we do not have a shelter. However, we bring our adoptable animals to weekend events and can set up meet and greets as desired.


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