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Who We Are

IndyCLAW is a small all volunteer exotic pet rescue group. Our focus is tending to the pets in our care. Email, social media and telephone calls will be addressed as time allows, please be patient. Our adoption process has time delays built in to help you and us determine that there is commitment to the adopted companion for the rest of its life and not a spur of the moment decision that is not in the long term interest of the pet.

We are an animal rescue group in Indianapolis, Indiana as of February 2009. What began as a loose association of like minded individuals from several animal related industries came together to form IndyCLAW Rescue. Our organizers have all been associated with other animal rescue groups and have learned from their successes and failures. The core group are all professionals and include a full time pet sitter, a dog trainer, a dog groomer, a part time pet sitter, animal control volunteer, and a former pet tech stay at home mom, along with huge support from our clients, friends, and family.

We are primarily an exotic pet rescue (non-traditional pets) with a focus on rehoming house rabbits and "caged" birds. We began as an all-breed rescue but have narrowed our focus in the past few years. We typically leave the dogs and cats to dog / cat rescues as our house rabbit population needed more attention and resources. Our rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter box trained or working on it before they are even listed as available. There are no low cost spay / neuter options for rabbits in central Indiana and the adoption fee only partially recovers the veterinary costs.

Our adoptions begin with an application and usually a meet and greet at the bunny barn, though if an adopter is set on a particular companion from the PetFinder listing we can skip that step. At the meet and greet, potential adopters get to meet the desired pets and make an informed decision about their new companion. From there we schedule a home visit after they have had time to acquire everything needed to properly care for their new pet. We also do a sleepover visit of a few days before finalizing the adoption to make sure no one has an unexpected allergic reaction or something else happens to make them realize their chosen companion is not the ideal pet for them.

Adopting a friend

IndyCLAW Rescue has an adoption process which starts with an application followed by a scheduled meet & greet at our shelter if approved. From there we would schedule a home visit and bring your chosen pet to you. Our motto, Creating Life-long Animal Welfare, is also our mission statement. We have made a commitment to the pets in our care to insure the home they are going to is best for them and the adopters are committed to making it life-long. If the home visit goes well, the pet would be left in your care for a 'sleepover' trial period to make sure it is going to work for both you and the pet. If problems arise such as allergies or conflicts, return it without cost or obligation. If all goes well, we would finalize the adoption contract. The contract contains clauses for veterinary care as well as, should circumstances change and you can no longer keep the pet, contact us first.

While our process takes a couple of weeks to complete, it has time built in to help make sure you are ready for a life-long commitment to the chosen pet. Some pets live only a few years while others, such as exotic birds, can live up to 70 years in which case you would be encouraged to have a plan for its care at your end of life. The built in time also allows you time to make sure it's not a spur of the moment purchase which you will soon regret.

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