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Bubba has lived a life of deprivation and literal pure hell...even though he is still very young. You see, this poor pup was owned by trash and was confined on a 2 ft his neck for the majority of his young life. His small area was laden with urine, feces and trash AND there is ample evidence that Bubba was treated very harshly by the trash who owned and confined him. He still bears the scars that indicate someone throwing scalding grease on him...perhaps to stop him from barking at the inhumanity of his prior confinement. Bubba didn't even have adequate shelter from the elements. I really am at a loss as to how anyone could obtain an intelligent, loving companion animal and then relegate that animal to a chain and mud and filth. Why did these 'people' even have a dog at all?! All a friendly dog wants is to be with his family and Bubba Snaps is still a puppy; he definitely didn't deserve to be treated like that. NO DOG DESERVES THE WAY BUBBA WAS FORCED TO LIVE. When Bubba first came to the shelter, he was so frightened that he would nervously bark at anyone who walked past his kennel, and would huddle, shaking with fear in the corner. The shelter staff did an excellent job letting this poor dog know he wasn't in any danger...they would speak softly to him and touch him gently. Now, Bubba Snaps is friendly, well socialized and not afraid at all; he looks forward to his time out of his kennel and staff interactions! Seeing this handsome young dog play with toys and run like the wind will warm your heart; Bubba Snaps IS a happy fellow! Is there anyone out there with a heart to give this young boy a chance at a good life...with a good family? Bubba's life means something to me and it does to the Hancock County Animal Control staff and volunteers as well! Around 45lbs, Bubba Snaps is predominantly a Redbone Hound Dog mix with what appears to be a bit of Boxer Dog thrown in for good measure. He is heartworm negative, neutered, and has had all shots, including rabies. For the entire three months that Bubba has been at the shelter, he hasn't soiled his kennel even one we're thinking this friendly fellow just might be housebroken as well.You can also note his loving temperament toward any human, including children...he loves them all. Bubba Snaps also loves female dogs and gets along well with them. Our boy has made it pretty clear, though, that his 'good' feelings do NOT extend to male dogs, and we aren't really certain what he thinks of cats at this time. Bubba may be fine with felines after a proper introduction and supervision, or he may not; caution is advised here. In regards to toys and food, there is ZERO aggression from this nice dog...and I do mean NONE. What Bubba Snaps REALLY enjoys is running with a toy, and YOU in hot pursuit! Think you can catch him?! Ha! Ha! I think not! Afterwards, this wonderful boy would like nothing better than to cuddle up on the couch with family members for some TV and 'petting' time. Rest assured, this happy boy will make an awesome addition to your family. Why don't you get the kids and COME ON DOWN to the Hancock County Animal Shelter in Lewisport, KY.?! Visit with Bubba Snaps and see for yourself! Call the shelter at 270-927-8544, or call/text Director Sage at 270-922-7566. You may also call/text Deb at 812-430-8009. This shelter is only a short drive from the Evansville IN area, and visitors are welcome. Woof! Woof!


Although 2015 has definitely continued the legacy of 2014 in not living up to the promise and the adoptions that we had hoped for, Southern Indiana Rescue Effort would still like to offer our profound thanks to the awesome people who opened their hearts and homes to this rescue's homeless animals. The 'rescue and rehome' scenerio for the United States remains dismal due to the same bad economy that has forced many citizens from their homes after having lost their jobs and ability to remain self sustaining. Southern Indiana Rescue Effort's ending adoption totals for 2013 are dismal and reflective of a nation that continues to be in dire economic crisis. Southern Indiana Rescue Effort works very hard, making every possible effort to successfully 'market' our rescues to middle and upper middle class families who share our companion animal mores but, in 2013, we were only been able to secure homes for six of our loving dogs, and a handful of cats/kittens. That's not to say we aren't grateful; the animals we saved went to the most loving and responsible of homes and should never again have to worry about irresponsible 'owners' neglecting them or dumping them in an Animal Control to die. In keeping with this rescue's policy of fairness, our six dogs and rescued felines have hailed from local situations as well as other states. Thor, Lewis, and Clark were dogs that came from a local family whose home was foreclosed upon, and we have provided a place in our rescue for Sheba, the momma dog until the family is able to reclaim her. Handsome brindle boy Buddy was pulled from a small, rural shelter in Illinois, while our sweet Maya was a collective effort all the way from Youngstown, Ohio. Petey the awesome pit boy joined our rescue from the state of Tennessee, while loving Bo Kitty was placed a second and FINAL TIME with a literally delighted and retired local couple. We remain cautiously optimistic about the future and our ability to continue assisting needy dogs and cats as our monetary situation and infrastructure will allow. Southern Indiana Rescue effort will endeavor to follow base, commonsense adoption guidlines such as not knowingly adopting our pit and pit mixes to individuals who rent; not owning ones own home and, therefore, being subject to the whims of a landlord is the number one reason animals are returned to shelters...we will not allow our animals to be placed in harm's way in this manner. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our many past adopter families of both dogs and cats for the wonderful updates on their pets and just generally for staying in touch with us! You have no idea how much your periodic updates, anecdotes and pictures actually mean to us! We would like to remind the public that Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is home to many deserving, gentle and loving dogs, all of whom were scheduled to be killed by a deplorable 'throw away' society, and some who actually missed their dates with death by a matter of mere hours. We remain committed to assisting as many dogs and cats as our infrastructure and monetary situation will allow...and also are adamant proponents of MANDATORY spay/neuter in all of the states. Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is on Facebook under our founder and director's name 'Deb Conner', and our profile pictures currently is of a gorgeous black cat from a feral colony we have been managing for years. Our Facebook picture at the top of our page is of a smiling Blue Heeler dog named 'Steven' and who is a highly treasured family pet! This rescue also rehabs and assists wild, orphaned mammals when time permits (yes, we are wildlife rehabbers!) We remain committed and look forward to working with you, the public, and our many rescue contacts in the coming year and again ask that, if you are considering adding a pet to your family, please seriously consider us! Whenever you adopt an animal from Southern Indiana Rescue Effort, you are freeing 'kennel space' that allows us to help another dog, destined to die. Here is wishing you and yours the very best that life has to offer, and a rewarding and prosperous new year! Now, lets 'roll up our sleeves' and get to work!---------------------------------------------------------------- SOUTHERN INDIANA RESCUE EFFORT HAS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED THE PROCESS OF OBTAINING 5013C STATUS, AND WILL DELAY OUR OBTAINING THIS DESIGNATION UNTIL THE US ECONOMY IMPROVES.

Who We Are

Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is a small rescue group located in Warrick county that has come to realize just how dire the situation for companion animals really is in the United States. Approximately 900 healthy, and adoptable companion animals are euthanized EVERY HOUR simply because there are not enough homes for them. We are adamant supporters of mandatory spay/neuter laws in all 50 states. Until this future scenario unfolds; however, Southern Indiana Rescue Effort will strive to provide a "safety net" for as many deserving animals as possible, one animal at a time, and without regard to breed, or species. When possible, you will find us readily "networking" with other rescue groups who share our desire to impact animal lives. Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is on Facebook as a viable networking option for many of the 'death-row' animals that we cannot personally rescue, and as a convenient method of sharing pictures, videos, and amusing anecdotes with our many adoptive families. We heartily invite you to join us there... simply 'click' on Deb Conner, and join other animal and human rights advocates!

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S.I.R.E. has a fairly simple adoption procedure that typically begins with a verbal "screening" right over the phone, and eventually culminates into our "Formal Adoption Agreement" with possible home visit. We want your adoption experience to be a successful one, and will make every effort to help "match" you with an appropriate pet for your family, living circumstances, and lifestyle.

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Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is a small rescue located on the premises of a single family residence, and our visits are by appointment only. We are located approximately 15 minutes east of Boonville Indiana, right off highway 62, in the town of Tennyson. Call 812-430-8009 to schedule an appointment, or email, or Remember, "it's raining dogs, hallelujah", so come and find yours today!
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