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Do you know what betrayal feels like? TRUE BETRAYAL. Imagine spending your entire life with a family...feeling safe with familiar faces, a nice warm bed, and being loved...knowing that the people you have come to depend upon for your very life would always be by your side to love and protect you. Then, one day...IT IS ALL GONE IN AN INSTANT! This sweet little boxer mix, Honey, DOES know what betrayal feels like. At the worst possible time for an older girl, Honey was loaded in the car and excitedly assumed she was going on another 'bye-bye car' fun ride! Only this time, the sweet senior girl was unloaded into a scary kennel at an Animal Control! Not an understandable situation at all from this baby's perspective; where are the familiar faces, and her home?! It is worth noting that these events occurred in early March of this year...Honey has been at an Animal Control... slowly loosing hope for several months now. And even though she is LITERALLY the PERFECT companion dog...loving, gets along with other dogs, child friendly...and just HAPPY ALL THE TIME, who will save her? Honey is not a large dog...not at all, and what she really wants to do is to be in someone's lap on the couch! Yes, Honey is housebroken too. This dog, who had presumed herself to be part of a family and safe, is now in very real danger of losing her life. The Gibson County Animal Control where Honey is at adores this girl, but the reality is that Honey has been there a fairly long time. They cannot keep her much longer. What will happen to the little boxer mix if no one opens their heart and home to her? Honey WILL leave this Animal Control, but it will be in a plastic body bag...this is her new reality. The fact that she is such a wonderful girl and so friendly and loving means NOTHING now. PLEASE, if you have even been vaguely considering adding a dog to your least call and visit the Gibson County Animal Control in Princeton, IN (behind the Toyota Plant on hwy 41) very soon. Honey doesnt have much time, and she needs only ONE loving family or individual to make this awful situation and betrayal right. JUST ONE. Gibson is open tues-sat, 10;00AM-4;00PM...their number is 812-386-8079. Please help this older girl.


Southern Indiana Rescue Effort would like to offer our profound thanks to the many awesome people who opened their hearts and homes to this rescue's homeless animals, AND to the many animals of local shelters that we profiled in 'courtesy' posts. While the 'rescue and rehome' scenerio for the United States remains somewhat dismal...never having completely recovered after the Great Recession of 2008, this rescue and rescuer continue their utmost to remain a viable resource for the many deserving animals at our local 'partner' shelters AND also an option for private individuals/families who are responsible, yet find themselves needing to rehome their beloved animals. Southern Indiana Rescue Effort will make every reasonable effort to assist those individuals who are loving and responsible...and who share this rescue's animal mores. Southern IN Rescue Effort truly believes that the finest human attributes are empathy and compassion, not only for the innocent, voiceless animals, but people as well. We believe it is every citizen's moral duty to improve their respective communities by choosing a 'passion' and goals...and working diligently to see those goals realized. Please join us in our sincere efforts to save as many companion animals as possible in 2017 by placing them with loving, and responsible middle and upper middle class owners...those laudable individuals whose will and motivation makes for a safe and forever home. Here is wishing you and yours the very best that life has to offer, and a rewarding and prosperous new year! Now, lets 'roll up our sleeves' and get to work!---------------------------------------------------------------- SOUTHERN INDIANA RESCUE EFFORT HAS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED THE PROCESS OF OBTAINING 5013C STATUS, AND WILL DELAY OUR OBTAINING THIS DESIGNATION UNTIL THE US ECONOMY IMPROVES.

Who We Are

Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is a small rescue group located in Warrick county that has come to realize just how dire the situation for companion animals really is in the United States. Approximately 900 healthy, and adoptable companion animals are euthanized EVERY HOUR simply because there are not enough homes for them. We are adamant supporters of mandatory spay/neuter laws in all 50 states. Until this future scenario unfolds; however, Southern Indiana Rescue Effort will strive to provide a "safety net" for as many deserving animals as possible, one animal at a time, and without regard to breed, or species. When possible, you will find us readily "networking" with other rescue groups who share our desire to impact animal lives. Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is on Facebook as a viable networking option for many of the 'death-row' animals that we cannot personally rescue, and as a convenient method of sharing pictures, videos, and amusing anecdotes with our many adoptive families. We heartily invite you to join us there... simply 'click' on Deb Conner, and join other animal and human rights advocates!

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S.I.R.E. has a fairly simple adoption procedure that typically begins with a verbal "screening" right over the phone, and eventually culminates into our "Formal Adoption Agreement" with possible home visit. We want your adoption experience to be a successful one, and will make every effort to help "match" you with an appropriate pet for your family, living circumstances, and lifestyle.

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Southern Indiana Rescue Effort is a small rescue located on the premises of a single family residence, and our visits are by appointment only. We are located approximately 15 minutes east of Boonville Indiana, right off highway 62, in the town of Tennyson. Call 812-430-8009 to schedule an appointment, or email, or Remember, "it's raining dogs, hallelujah", so come and find yours today!
Southern Indiana Rescue Effort
Tennyson, IN 47637
Phone: 18124308009

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