Jay County Animal Control
2209 E. 100 S
Portland, Indiana 47371

Normal Hours:
Weekdays: 3-7, Weekends: 1-5
Or please call 260-726-4365 for an appointment

(Please no phone calls between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am)


Our Adoptable Pet List

Please also check our Facebook page regularly, as dogs may be added there before they are added here!
Jay County Animal Control Facebook Page


About Us

Jay County Animal Control is a small, rural, primitive facility. It is privately owned and contracted by the county and local towns to take in animals.
The telephone rings into the owner's home, so please be respectful and do not call before 9 am or after 9 pm.

The shelter staff is NOT online. This site is run by volunteers. Everything we know about each animal is listed. If you'd like more information about a pet or want to come see or adopt an animal, please contact the shelter by phone at 260-726-4365. Thanks!


Adopting a New Pet

All pets adopted from JCAC MUST be spayed/ neutered within 30 days of adoption, unless they already are, of course. The ONLY exceptions are puppies and kittens who are still too young to undergo the surgery, and they need to be as SOON as they are old enough. Please send a copy of your vet reciept to the shelter at the address listed above once this has been done so we don't have to bother you later to find out. ;)

We welcome out of state adoptions, but we cannot help with transportation of the animal. That would be up to you.

We are unable to hold pets past one day, and then only if you are coming that day to adopt it.

There is NO adoption fee for pets adopted from the Jay County Humane Society, but that does not make them disposable!

Keep in mind that most dogs and cats live over 10 years, sometimes many more. Please do NOT get a pet unless you are ready and willing to keep it that entire time!!!
If you will be moving any time soon and are not willing to find another home that will accept pets, please do NOT get one!!
If you are not prepared to buy the necessary food (and not the cheapest brand available) the pet needs, give it the proper shelter it needs to stay warm and dry and give it the attention it needs, please do NOT get one!!
If you are unwilling to pay for the routine medical care that a pet needs (vaccinations, spay/ neuter, heartworm and flea preventative), and any other medical care that will come up (allergies or other health issues), please do NOT get one!!
If you are unwilling to spend the time it takes to train a pet properly, from house training to not jumping up to not biting to whatever else it takes to live with them peacefully, please do NOT get one!!
If you are in an unstable or temporary job or considering quitting soon, and don't know that you will be able to afford to feed a pet in the future, please do NOT get one!!
If your landlord will not allow pets or not allow certain types/ breeds, please do NOT get one of them!!

These are just a few of the many reasons pets are returned to us on a daily basis. Pets are NOT toys, they are NOT disposable, and they DO feel stress and fear when they are rehomed. We want good, forever homes for our pets, so please only adopt one if you are willing to care for it the rest of it's life.


Rescues and Transports

We welcome reputable rescues to pull from our shelter. There is NO pull fee, but most times nothing medical has been done to the dog. This is a small rural shelter, and we are unable to do full temperament testing. We tell you what we know and what we've seen, and you will have to make your decision based on that. We can arrange for vet care prior to transport (spaying/ neutering, vaccinations, HW test, Health Certificate, etc.) BUT these things MUST be paid for by the receiving rescue, either by credit card or Paypal.

We can reserve an animal temporarily for a reputable rescue, but ONLY very temporarily. We can't hold them for weeks on end while someone tries to find transport or a foster home. Please understand that the shelter is always overfull, and if a home comes along, we have to adopt to them in order to make space for the next pet to come in.

We will work with transports when we can, but our volunteers and time are very limited and we usually can not transport the animals ourselves. Transport is the responsibility of the receiving rescue/ adopter.


Tips for Lost or Found Pets

If you've lost or found a pet, the following tips can help you to find the pet
or owner:

1. Call the local radio Station, WPGW, at (260) 726-8780 to advertise on the Second Hand Store (it's free). Also, be sure to listen to the Second Hand Store or have someone listen for you, to see if someone has lost or found the pet. The show is aired on 100.9 FM or 1440 AM each weekday morning, starting around 9:15. It is also aired each weeknight around 5:45, and on Saturday mornings around 8:45. Many times I have heard an animal advertised as lost, and later in the show an animal matching that description as found. Sometimes these ads go on for days, because neither person is actually listening to the show!

2. Call Jay County Animal Control at 260-726-4365 to see if the pet has been picked up, or to let him know you are missing your pet or have found one. If you've lost a pet, it's best if you go out there and look for yourself, as sometimes your perception of an animal and theirs is very different, so they might not think it is there when it really is.

Also check our Facebook page to see if anyone has posted the pet as lost or found: Jay County Animal Control Facebook Page

3. Call the Jay County Humane Society at (260) 726-6339 or visit them at 1313 Shadeland Lane in Portland. They receive lots of calls on lost and found pets, and may be able to help. Also check their Facebook page, as many lost/ found pets are listed there: Jay County Humane Society Facebook Page

4. Be sure to check the message board here: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/jaycountyanimalnetwork/messages.
If there is not a message about the pet, please post one.

5. Call all the vets in the area. If a lost pet is hurt, it may end up at the vet's office. If you've found a pet, they may recognize it if it's a patient of theirs. And if the pet is microchipped, they have scanners to read the information from the chip.

6. Ask your neighbors, especially children. Lots of people see stray pets and leave them alone, but could tell you where they saw it. And kids can be especially helpful when it comes to animals, as most children love them, pay attention to where they see them, and like to help!

7. Make posters, with a picture if possible. You can get cheap reprints at CVS or Wal Mart, even without a negative, and a good, clear picture is much more help than any description. Post them everywhere, including light poles in your neighborhood, on the MainStreet Market bulletin board, at the vet's office, on the True Value bulletin board, at the Jay County Humane Society, and you can even take one out to Jay County Animal Control and Jay County Humane Society, just in case they've seen the animal.

Preventive Measures:

Make sure your dog is always wearing a collar with ID on it. Rabies tags can usually be used to trace an owner if you call the vet listed on the tag and give them the number. But the best tag to have is a personalized one with your name, address and phone number on it! You can get them for very little money on ebay now, or have one printed on the machine at Wal Mart.

Take a few good, clear pictures of your pet, from the front and the side. These can be used later to identify the pet if it is lost or stolen.

You can also get your dog or cat tattooed or microchipped. Our area now has scanners for microchips, and some vets offer the service. Tattoos are very hard to trace, so they are not recommended.


Come Visit Us!

2209 E. 100 S
Portland, Indiana 47371

Normal Hours:
Weekdays: 3-7, Weekends: 1-5
Or please call 260-726-4365 for an appointment