Caring Canine Animal Rescue

Caring Canine Animal Rescue

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The Year 2017

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We are a NO KILL rescue. NO GUARANTEES on pups under 5 months because pups can get anything at anytime no matter who has them. All donations goes towards the vet and caring of our other animals we are not funded any other way If you are looking for a breed we do have a wanted list you can email to add your name to the list.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Our mission is to see that all animals are treated right and with the most humane treatment they deserve. We vow to aid in the prosecution of those who violate the laws of the state. To prevent cruelty to animals in any manner. We are most against puppy mills We are here to stop that from happening. We have taken in hundreds of puppy mill dogs and pups. So Help us in Helping The Homeless find new and forever homes. Thank You

Who We Are

Donations always excepted .... Dog Food. Cat Food. Monies. Gas Gift Cards. Any Collars & Leashes Food and water Bowls ( Stainless Steel) 2-5 gal Buckets The Rescue's Wish List Cat Litter, Cat Food, Kitten Food Dog Food, Puppy Food Dog Toys, Cat Toys Paper Towels, Trash Bags, Dish Soap, Hand Soap Lysol, Pine-sol, etc. Bleach, Latex Gloves Bundled Newspaper Bottled Water Band Aids We greatly appreciate anything you can donate!! We are also trying to get get new doggie beds if you can help please help.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a friend: If you are interested in one of our Little Ones, please send us an e-mail about the pet you would like to adopt. We will send you an application and follow up with a telephone interview. Once you have been approved, we can then set up a time to visit with the pet by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please remember we are all VOLUNTEERS and we have full time jobs. There a NO paid employee's of the Caring Canine Animal Rescue. EVERY dollar of adoption fee's goes directly into rescuing and vet care for another animal in addition to the cost of spaying and/or neutering of the animals All animals are spayed/neutered unless of age or illness restrictions . We are recognized by the State of Indiana as a non profit corporation and we are 501 (c)(3) status (Approved)..WE ARE A PRIVATE RESCUE WE BUY ARE DOG FOOD ALL VETTING IS PAID FOR FROM THE ADOPTION FEES ALL ANIMALS WELL TAKEN CARE OF BY US IF FOR SOME REASON YOU THINK OUR ADOPTION FEES ARE HIGH WELL PLEASE DON'T EMAIL US AND ASK WHY THEY ARE SET THE WAY THEY ARE THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY ONCE A PUPPY LEAVES US IT IS UP TO YOU AS THE NEW OWNER TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PUP AND PROTECT THE PUPPY FROM ANY DISEASES THAT COME AROUND NEW PUPPIES DO NOT TAKE YOUR NEW UNPROTECTED PUP AROUND STRANGE PLACES YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WAS ON THE GROUND PARVO CAN HIT A PUP 3 TO 7 DAYS AND KILL THE PUP IF NOT PROTECTED AND SENSE THE PUP IS NOT PROTECTED FROM PARVO UNTIL IT HAS HAD ALL PUPPY SHOTS MEANS 3 TO 4 SHOTS OVER A 4 MONTH PERIOD IT IS YOUR JOB AS NEW PARENTS TO PROTECT THAT BABY WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR NEW PUP ONCE THE PUP LEAVES OUR RESCUE . WHILE THE PUP IS WITH US WE PROTECT THEM TO THE BEST WE CAN AFTER THE PUP LEAVES US WE CAN NOT IT IS UP TO YOU. .

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Caring Canine Animal Rescue

is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, IRS deemed Public Charity, and your donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by the IRS

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please email for application and in subject put what breed please.
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