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Who We Are

South Central Newfoundland Club is an approved Regional Club of the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA). We have initiated and designated a Committee to provide rescue services within a 200 mile radius of Columbus, IN. The purpose of SCNR's Rescue Program is to be an advocate for Newfoundlands who don't have someone looking out for their best interest. Our goal is to prevent the suffering of homeless Newfoundland dogs and whenever possible, place them in safe forever homes. All of our Newfoundlands are in private Foster homes, so they can transition into forever homes smoothly. We do not have a kennel facility to board dogs.

Adopting a friend

The first step in adopting a Newfoundland from us, is to fill out our online application. We work hard to match the 'right' Newfoundland with the 'right' family, so it is extremely important to be open and honest with your family setting and activities. We do not want to put a really busy Newfoundland into a home that is looking for a couch potato. So please keep that in mind when answersing the questions on our application, and when communicating with us. We are not trying to be nosy, we want the best match possible for our Newfoundlands in our care. We are their safety net for the rest of their lives and take that very seriously. Their future happiness depends on our decisions and we are very protective of them, as many have been through hard times already and we don't want them to ever go through losing their homes again. We primarily communicate with potential adoptive families via email as we are a small Rescue ran by volunteers who also have full time jobs, families and dogs of our own to juggle with our rescue responsibilities. With the large number of Newfoundlands we have been helping and the number of inquiries increasing, please help us by checking your spam filters and if you don't have a reply from us within a couple of days of sending in your application, please contact us again, as it may not have come through.

How we support the past and future of Newfoundlands

Our Host an annual Christmas Tree Pull on the first Sunday of December to help raise funds for Newfoundlands in our Rescue Program. Our website has our online application.

South Central Newfoundland Rescue Inc.
Covering Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky


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