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A Soft Purr Can Heal The World!

At least, we like to think so. Cats really can calm your world. They're great listeners and in these times we need a good ear (and a fuzzy one is nice, too!). Of course, you don't have to just rely on their patience: A game of jingle ball will use up your nervous energy and there's always snuggling and face-licking. Cats are amazing! They'll lower your blood pressure and dissolve your stress! And if they make you laugh, so much the better! Thier tricks and games will amaze you and their patience is a lesson to us all. So many cats and dogs are in shelters, waiting for wonderful forever-homes and the love and joy that come with them! Don't forget your pets when making an emergency plan for your family! Refer to Petfinder for more information. Many cities and first-responder networks don't know about or don't yet get the seriousness of the federal PETS Act of 2006: PET EVACUATION AND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES federal law, passed after Katrina hit. Research it on the net and be sure that your community is prepared to save its pets! Help us fulfill all of our responsibilities to all of these beautiful animals by SPONSORING one of the cats on our site through Petfinders's Sponsorship Program. Or give a one-time donation if that's what you can do -- we're a non-profit, so it's fully tax-deductible! Help us continue this important work!

Got some space in your heart?

Plan pet adoption ahead of time: Visit a local shelter. Once you find the perfect pet or just one that touches your heart, arrange some time to visit that dog or cat, take it treats and spend time petting, brushing and getting to know it. If love is the answer, adopt a pet when you're at a fairly calm point in your life. A new pet will need losts of time, attention and care from you and your family members! If you can't bring it home exactly when you had hoped to, help support that pet and its friends by donating food, pet beds, toys or funds (and be sure to check with the shelter to find out what kind of food or supplies are needed).

Who we are, what we do...

We work to find our socialized feline friends terrific indoor forever-homes when they are at least four months of age, have been spayed or neutered, and have gotten their shots. We give a permanent home to our outdoor colony made up mostly of cats never quite socialized enough for adoption, but cats that are spayed or neutered, happy, healthy, and deserving of a great life! Respecting the wildlife that visit us, we feed a large extended family of frequently visiting raccoons, the deer who come almost every evening and often nap in the tall grass, as well as providing for our bird and squirrel friends. Our small plot of land is a no-hunting haven of safety for all of our non-predatory animal neighbors. As a non-profit organization, we operate only through tax-deductible donations. We recieve no government funding whatsoever.

Adopting a friend

If you see a face that you'd like to know better, call us for an appointment to come visit! Our adoption fees are reasonable. If you already have a cat and need a little guidance, call us! Many people ask us about declawed cats. We currently have no declawed cats for adoption. We never reccomend declawing a cat. It is a painful, unnecessary procedure that can lead to terrible infection and leaves a cat defenseless in case of accidental escape or removal from the home. There are products and training procedures that can insure the bare minimum of clawing of you or your furnishings. If you don't have the patience for this we suggest that you not adopt a cat that wasn't previously declawed. If you can guarantee great care of an already-declawed cat, they desperately need wonderful homes! Remember: The innocence of a cat or dog not knowing that a behavior is unacceptable, is up to the owner or caretaker to correct or adapt to, not up to the animal to assume! Please respect the needs of our littlest brothers and sisters and don't declaw them! Feel free to email us if you have questions about what declawing entails.

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Come Visit Us!

We are located just north of Terre Haute. Emailing us is the easiest way to reach us at first. When you're sure that you want to visit, we will speak with you by phone and give you directions to the shelter. Please remember that, at the time of adoption (when the cat goes home with you) you must have a carrier to contain your new kitty. If you don't have a carrier with you, you'll probably be asked to come back and pick up your kitty when you have a carrier available for it. This is a safety and security matter for both you and for your new family member. NOTE: If you don't see a photo of the kitty that interests you or you'd like to inquire about cats perhaps not posted, please email us and we will send you an email with a current photo or photos of the kitty or kitties requested. (Our computer is taking a break from being productive!) Thanks for your interest!
Ouabache Valley Felines & Friends Inc.
Near Terre Haute, IN
Phone: 812-466-9808
Email: lmcbrideovff@aol.com
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