Who We Are

We are a 501(C)(3), rescue in New Palestine, Indiana. We provide a loving, nurturing environment for abused and abandoned small animals .
OUR GOAL IS TO HELP STOP THE OVERPOPULATION OF DOGS BY SPAY/NETUER. To help stop the cruelty of animals by doing home visits before and after adoptions. Doing vet checks before adoptions.
To help owners that want to keep thier pets we give them food and have at times, when funds allow to get vaccines.

We have a few select dogs that are trained as Mobility Service Dogs for people that have health problems and need help to get through the days. This promises these dogs a home forever.
We are currently looking for foster homes to keep GSD dogs and pups. Foster homes are like angels as they allow us to help more animals and maybe save a few more lives.
We accept donated puppies up to 12 weeks old to train as mobility service dogs. If you have a litter of pups and want to donate them or one for this service to other people, then please by all means contact us.

We could not do any of this without the kindness and donations of all our supporters and volunteers.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!You are our angels from god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your donations are tax deductable.

Adopting a friend

To adopt you need to fill out a Adoption form
At that point we will do a home visit. Then you and your family and any pet you have will come and spend some time with the animal. Then you would fill out the adoption contract and take your new family member home.

We also train Mobility service dogs with some of the rescued dogs. You must apply and qualify for one of these dogs.

Come Visit Us!


Bleach, laundry soap, chicken, hot dogs, hamburger,can dog food, paper towels, grass seed,heartguard, advantix, capstar, frontline or any flea & tick,antibiotic cream, bandages, alcohol wipes, needles, quick stop powder


PLEASE call us if you can help us out317-414-5662

Frenzy Animal Rescue
Po Box 194
37 1/2 W Mill St
New Palestine, IN 46163
Phone: 317-414-5662

Fax: 317-861-7464

Email: ladyindy@comcast.net
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