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We are a pet health food store (like a GNC for pets!) that also does Great Dane rescue. We are totally dedicated to the breed as a whole and try to save a life one pet at a time! If you are interested in one of our pets for adoption, please e-mail for a questionnaire. We do screen potential homes, check references, and do house checks! Our store is VERY busy so e-mailing is the best way to get information! All of our dogs have had the necessary veterinary care and are spayed or neutered. We have a very detailed contract with only fairness and the pets best interest in mind. If the pet is too young to be "fixed", it will be required by contract to be done within a limited amount of time - otherwise the animal will be reclaimed by the rescue. Adoption fees vary depending on many factors - age, health, sponsors, shelter pull fees, etc.! Our average adoption fee is $300. The range can vary from $100-$400. All adoptions include a weeks worth of the food it has been eating, a free dog training class at Shebang's (though I realize not all adoptions are local, but its available to those who can make it!), and whatever records and information we have on the pet! Come visit our adoptable pets. We do adopt out of state to the right home! We place each pet according to its ideal situation. We are located in Rockport, Indiana just past the intersection of State Route 66 and 161 (used to be 231).
Shebang's Rescue
914 N State Road 161
Rockport, IN 47635
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