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When adopting a dog from our organization we do not intend for the adoption process to be overly complicated or invasive.  But please remember that these dogs have been in our homes and our hearts.  We will not place them hurriedly or carelessly – Your understanding and patience is much appreciated. 

To apply for a dog please be sure to answer all questions as thoroughly as possible - Do not rush.  It is important that you not answer the questions with the first thing that comes to mind but that you carefully consider each answer.  It is also important to answer every question. 

 A thorough application helps us to know if the requested dog will be a good match for your family.  The dog you thought was the perfect size, color or was just plain too cute to pass up might not be the best match for your family’s situation.  Our goal is a pleasant adoption experience for both you and your new dog!  A dog’s personality, degree of training and activity level are far better indicators of whether or not a particular dog will work out for you on a long-term basis.  

Adoption Fees: $250 - puppies (6 months & under), $200 - adult, $150 - senior (8 years & up) - this helps to offset some of the cost for the dogs’ spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm testing, heartworm preventative as well as testing, and treatment (if needed) for internal parasites. This does not include any additional medical we may have to provide for the dog.

Casa Del Toro is staffed entirely by volunteers.  We rely 100% on our adoption fees and public & private donations to provide for the dogs in our care. We have no federal funding at this time.

All adoptions will require a home check.  Each of our dogs has been failed in some way by their former owners or they would not be with us.  Some are rescued from situations of neglect and abuse, while others were abandoned by their caretakers when the responsibility of a pet became an inconvenience.  We feel very strongly that it is our responsibility to ensure that our dogs never have to endure those situations again.  We don't want to look in your closets and we don't care if the dishes need done.  We only want to verify that you are able to provide a safe and caring environment for a needy dog.

The Steps to adopt one of our Dogs:

-Complete the adoption application which can be found at https://cdt-rescue.squarespace.com/adoption-application/ 

-A CDT adoptions coordinator will contact you via email or phone within 24 hours to let you know your application was received.

-A Phone interview will be done by our Adoptions coordinator

-Meet & Greet with you & the dog you have applied for will be scheduled.

-Home visit will be scheduled & completed.

-If everything is approved arrangements will be made for CDT to bring the dog to you the day we sign the adoption contract. 


Who We Are

Casa del Toro, a 501(c)3 organization.

The mission of Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue to serve dogs identified as pit bulls by fostering responsible pet ownership within the community, enriching the lives of shelter animals and rescuing dogs for permanent placement in quality homes.



Come Visit Us

At this time, Casa del Toro has no physical shelter where you can come and visit. Our dogs are housed in foster homes throughout the Greater Indianapolis and Marion/Hendricks County area. Our foster homes provide our dogs with the time, structure, energy and training the dog needs to reach their full potential.

Since our dogs are all in foster homes, we ask that you first complete the adoption application for the dog you desire to adopt. Therefore we know a little about you before we arrange a meeting between you and the foster home.

** We do not accept owner surrenders, please do not contact us to take your dog **

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