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Note: SPECIAL ADOPTION FEES Adoption fees must be quoted at the time. We run specials,some examples are for multi cat adoptions & senior cat discounts. Kittens are over the age of 12 weeks and spayed or neutered before being offered for adoption. Cats Haven takes the stand that declawing cats is an optional surgery that is cruel to your pet. Therefore, we have implemented a stict No-Declaw Policy on all of our adoptions.

Who We Are

Cats Haven's Mission: is to provide a non institutional shelter setting (no cages) for cats & kittens. Cats Haven was founded for special need cats or kittens with birth defects, visual impairments, neurological problems, medical issues or injuries that require veterinary care. Cats haven strives to educate the public about available resources and proper care of companion animals Cats Haven makes every effort to ensure the cats and kittens are as healthy as they can be. Some cats or kittens that are available for adoption have long term health issues. Many of them come from unknown backgrounds -- they have been abandoned or abuse. Many come from the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control, the Humane Society if Indianapolis or other shelters around the state. They may have health or emotional issues and may need time to adjust to a new home. For some of the cats and kittens in our care, we are looking for THE adopter who understands the "Second Chance" concept -- one who is willing to give the kitten or cat the needed patience, time and love to adjust in their home. Some cats will need a minimun of 3 to 6 months to adjust. The foster parent is with you every step of the way to provide guidance, resources and suggestions if you need it.

Adopting a Friend

  • All cats have tested negative for FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (Feline AIDS).

  • They are vaccinated appropriately (for their age) for distemper, rabies and feline leukemia.

  • All our kitties are spayed or neutered, plus microchipped, before being shown for adoption. Cats Haven does not adopt out kittens until 12 weeks of age
  • We also provide any surgeries, major or minor, that the cats need, and give the cats monthly flea treatments as a preventive measure.

  • There is adoption fee of $60.00 for kittens/ $30.00 for adults required at the time of adoption to offset the medical costs and food/litter expenses. In addition, we have an adoption agreement that you must complete. It help insure that the cats find good homes.

    Some of the cats at Cats Haven have long term have health problems or birth defects that make them special cases. These cats will need someone extra special to give them a home. CAN'T ADOPT? PLEASE, CONSIDER BECOMING A SPONSOR TO ONE OF OUR KITTIES

    Volunteering, Donations, and Cat Sponsorships

    We always need help. Please visit us at
    our website to determine how you can help us! Cats Haven is always in need of dry & canned catfood and catlitter

    Upcoming Events

    Speck's in Brownsburg every 3rd Sunday from 2pm to 4 pm Our adoption times and sites vary week to week. Please check the times and sites by calling us at 317-925-7001, ext 1

    Come Visit Us!

    Please visit our website. The address that is shown as 628 Beville has not been a valid address for 4years now

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    Note: Most of our readily adoptable cats are in foster homes and since many people dump animals at the shelter house and foster homes; we only give out the address AFTER you contact us via email or telephone.

    Cats Haven Ltd.

    PO Box 30206 .
    Indianapolis IN 46230
    Phone: 317-925-7001
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