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We don't have anything scheduled at this time. If you want to see any particular pet, send an e- email us at info@wagsstrays.org and we will arrange a visit.


We do not have a Shelter, therefore most of the pets who are available for adoption are kept in foster homes. Although this can sometimes make it difficult for you to visit with pets that you are interested in adopting, it is actually better on the animals, as the shelter environment can be very stressful. Not having a shelter, limits the number of animals that we can take in. If you are unable to visit our regularly scheduled adoption events, please e-mail us at info@wagsstrays.org with the pet(s) that you are interested in adopting. If you do not have access to e-mail please call us at 317.335.7354, however please note that this line is answered by volunteers and you may not always get a quick response.


Wag's Stray Animal Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit, no-kill organization. We are dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals, provide shelter, medical care and homes, for pets in need of rehabilitation, educate pet owners and the general public about animal behavior and care. We teach people about these responsibilities, including but not limited to the importance of spaying and neutering.

Our Mission is to prevent cruelty to animals; provide shelter, care and homes for pets in need of rehabilitation; educate pet owners and the general public about animal behavior, care and responsibility.


We desperately need foster homes for our dogs! Additionally, we need large size wire crates, toys (no animal products please), towels, blankets, large plastic litter pans (unused please), litter, dog food, cat food and paper towels, CASH OR CHECKS DONATIONS and FOOD.

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Donations are greatly appreciated and will help defray the costs of providing necessary costly medical care, shelter and food for the neglected and abused animals. Donations can be made to

Wag's Stray Animal Foundation, Inc

P.O. Box 97

Fortville, IN 46040-0097


Wag's works primarily with dogs and puppies. Wag's requires you to complete an application (provided upon request) for review. An initial interview followed by a home visit is required prior to finalizing any adoptions. All pets have been vet and temperament checked in addition to having all shots, spayed and neutered dependent upon age of the animal. Additionally, an agreement will be signed agreeing to alter the pet, and provide any additional vaccinations by the recommended date. If the pet is not altered, or required vaccinations have not been obtained, the pet can be removed from your home and returned to Wag's without prejudice. Wag's is looking for the best possible homes for these pets, as most have come from neglected or abusive situations. Therefore, Wags's reserves the right to deny an adoption, for any reason, if they are not completely confident that it is the perfect situation for the pet. We are happy to provide a happy, caring temporary environment for your soon to be new pet and family member!


Wag's does not currently have a public shelter, but pet's can be seen by appointment, or at Petco in Fisher's on scheduled weekends. .

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