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Folks, we love hearing from you; however, when you leave us a message, please give us your phone number clearly and slowly.

You may send donations to Nancy Taylor, 2048 E. Boulevard, Kokomo, IN 46902.

Donate a Thundershirt! As of March 1, 2012, Indiana Cocker Rescue has adopted 1,200 cockers. We have had great assistance from many people, but it is the caring public that made this happen. There are thousands of families out there that were willing to give a great dog a second chance at life. To them, we say, "Thank you very much. Without you, a thousand cockers would not have been saved." At this time, we have 5 cockers in rescue. When more cockers arrive, they will be pictured on our Pet List. Please call Nancy if you wish information about the cockers. Please call 765-432-0982. We are now accepting MASTERCARD, VISA AND DISCOVER. Do be careful as you are looking to adopt a pet. Many rescues have opened and, unfortunately, they are not all "not for profit". Many rescues are placing unrealistic adoption fees on the dogs. I know of one rescue that doesn't do any vet work for the dog and still charges high fees. It is "Buyer Beware" even with rescued dogs. Being a 501(3)C organization isn't any protection anymore either. With some big bucks, just about anyone can get a 501(3)C. There are some very good 501(3)C organizations out there, but not all. Do your homework. Find a good reputable rescue for any breed you are interested in adopting.


"Vaccinating your pet may do more harm than good." For years the primary reason for seeing a vet was to get your pet vaccinated against a host of diseases ranging from distemper to rabies - either with individual vaccinations or "combo wombo" shots that could cover seven separate conditions.

Indeed, annual vaccinations have been an economic bulwark for many vet practices, but some veterinarians say they're not only unnecessary, but they can actually be harmful in some cases. Marty Goldstein, a veterinarian in South Salem, N.Y., says he sees a range of vaccination-related reactions in animals, everything from cancerous sarcomas to epilepsy. Another reason to think twice about certain vaccines: The immunity provided by some of them can last well beyond a year, even as long as the pet's lifetime, Goldstein says, negating the need for some annual shots.

Both the AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association now say vaccinations should be assessed yearly and tailored to an animal's age, health and lifestyle. For example, an indoor cat with limited exposure to some diseases may not ever need certain common vaccinations, says W. Jean Dodds, an immunologist and veterinarian with Hemopet in Garden Grove, Calif.

Thanks for your interest in Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers located in various cities throughout Indiana. We are headquartered in Kokomo.

Adopting a Friend

When a cocker is received into rescue, temperament testing is performed immediately. Passing all temperament tests, the cocker is taken to the vet. The vet will spay/neuter the dog, do a heartworm check, up date it on all shots and correct any obvious medical problems. When the dog is returned, we micro chipped it, give it the kennel cough vaccine, have it groomed, begin heartworm preventative medication and it is ready for adoption. We do not adopt out known biters. We do have an adoption fee and we charge what we have in the dog so that we may be able to help the next cocker in need. The adoption fees for the last year have averaged $250.

Volunteering and Donations

Please contact Nancy if you wish to join our rescue group.

Email: Nancy Taylor

Come Visit Us!

Although we have volunteers throughout the state helping with transportation and visiting shelters, the cockers are housed in Kokomo. To visit a particular cocker, one must come to Kokomo. Please call for directions 765-432-0982.

Indiana Cocker Rescue

Nancy Taylor
Kokomo, IN

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