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Who We Are

We are just people who know they can't save the world, but we can make a big difference to a few dogs. We don't have a whole kennel of dogs, just one or two that we try to help find families for at a time. We try to adopt pets that need some extra help but are adoptable. We adapt them to a home atmosphere, do some behavioral work with them, and nurse them to health both physcially and emotionally. We have saved 17 dogs this year.

Adopting a friend

We would most readily talk to you about adopting a pet. We simply want them to be loved as they deserve to be loved. Not all dogs are nice, but any you'll get from us will be. We have an adoption contract and a mandatory fee that only covers whatever the pet needs at the vet. (will vary from dog to dog) These costs would be no more than what you would have to do yourself after you adopt (sterilization, shots, etc) and the small cost of the shelter adoption. In other words, it's like going to the shelter yourself. We're not trying to make money, just save dogs lives. with the new free insurance, you can be sure of the dog's health and your pocketbook will be safe from serious harm!

Come Visit Us!

We live at 107 Meadow Dr. Macomb, IL, 1 mile west of Wigwam Hollow Road off West Adams Road. Turn right on Meadow Dr. We are the first house in Meadowbrook.

from East: Take IL 136 west to Macomb, go all the way through the city, and turn right at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center. Take that road (Robin Road) to the end (1/4 mi) and turn left. 1/2 mile ahead turn right onto meadow dr.
from West: take IL 136 to Robin Road as above.
from North: take IL 67 South to Macomb. Turn right at IL 136, and follow the directions from above.
from South: take Il 67 North to Macomb, Turn left onto IL 136, and then follow the instructions above from the East.

Western Illinois Dog Foster Care
107 meadow dr
Macomb IL 61455
Phone: 309-833-5259
Email: jude.kiah@doss.wiu.edu
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