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MollyOur pet of the month introduces herself...
Molly is a wonderful mixed breed. She is definatly a happy playful little girl. She barks when strangers come around, but yet she is loving and gentle.


Have a Heart All Breed Rescue is currently working in the Belvidere area trying to help as many animals from the northern Illinois/ southern Wisconsin area.

Who We Are

If we all work together... All Across this country, every single day, there are THOUSANDS of homeless, abandon, sick, injured, helpless animals needing our help. If we all pull together and learn to work as a team, we could make ours a better society then what we are living in now. There is no denying we live in a "Throw Away Society". What has happened to us? I, along with anyone who would like to help me, will continue to work to preserve the lives of unwanted animals and to educate the public about how they can help prevent more animals from losing their homes. Thru the work of many volunteers, we work to reach our goal to educate the public about spaying and neutering their pets, obedience training, and the responsibilities of pet ownership. All animals that we take into our program are spayed or neutered before placement. All of the animals we take in are fostered in a safe environment. When an animal comes into our program, they are vaccinated, dewormed, checked for heartworm (or other parasites dependng on the breed), and spayed or neutered. We work with the animals on a daily basis on what ever training issues they have. All dogs are crate trained. Since we are a non-profit ( we do not yet have our 501c3 status but are working on it) organization and receive no government assistance, we rely on donations and fundraising in order to continue to help these animals in need.

Adopting a friend

Please do not purchase a companion! ADOPT a homeless animal! Puppy Mills Breed Misery
Have A Heart All Breed Rescue
PLEASE call for appointment!

We are not a "shelter" all fostering is IN homes.

Belvidere IL 61008
Phone: 815-544-2987
Email: HaveAHEARTResIL@aol.com
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