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New Forever Home Rescue is mostly a home-based program. The more homes we have, the more cats we can rescue. We are continually in need of homes, and would love to hear from you if you could provide a foster home. Contact us at newforeverhomes@hotmail.com


We are looking for homes in the downtown Chicago area (downtown being defined as somewhere between Hyde Park and Rogers Park on the south and north, the Lakefront and Bucktown/Logan Square/Ukrainian Village to the east and west) who are able to house and care for a cat (or cats) until the animals can be placed into permanent homes. The length of time a kitty will need to be fostered is different for every cat. Some find new homes quickly, others take longer. 


To be a foster, you would be responsible for providing a cat with food, water, a litter box, toys, and most importantly, lots of love. We cover all veterinary and medical care expenses for our cats. If you need some help providing food, cat litter, etc., we can help. We ask that you commit to the cat(s) for a defined foster period. 


Adopting A Friend


All of our kitties have been combo-tested for FIV/Feline Leukemia, spayed or neutered, vaccinated for distemper, microchipped, and dewormed. 


The process for adopting a cat involves a few simple steps. 


Step (1) Gather information. We gather information about the potential adopter's situation, what they are looking for, their current household and pets, etc. 

Step (2) Cat “Interviews”. Next, we have the potential adopter meet the available kitties, by putting them directly in touch with the appropriate foster parent(s) to coordinate a day and time for a visit. 

Step (3) Adoption application. Once the potential adopter has met the kitties, if they decide they want to do an adoption, they fill out our adoption application, which we then process. It takes a couple of days to process the application. Once the application has been processed and approved, the kitties are ready to go home. 

Step (4) After the adoption. Once a person has adopted a cat, New Forever Home Rescue continues to stay in touch with the adopter to ensure a smooth transition for both the person and the cat. We remain available for questions and advice.




Prior to adoption, New Forever Home Rescue is dedicated to: 

• Spaying/neutering all cats in the program 

• Vetting all cats in the program 

• Conducting viral tests (FeLV/FIV) on all cats in the program 

• Getting to know potential adopters and what they are looking for in adopting a cat 

• Pairing potential adopters with viable options in the program



Who We Are


New Forever Home Rescue is a foster-based, no kill, cat rescue organization serving Chicago. We have a small location in Lincoln park; however, most cats are in foster homes. To meet any of our cats in the New Forever Home Rescue program, we arrange meetings between foster homes and potential adopters. 


 New Forever Home Rescue is staffed 100% by volunteers, and is funded entirely by private donations. Our mission statement is: “to help alleviate the suffering of homeless pets in Chicago by rescuing, spaying/neutering, and responsibly placing as many animals as possible in permanent homes."  Our adoption fees cover the medical and boarding costs; there are no administrative costs in our adoption fees.


Come Visit Us


New Forever Home Rescue has a small location in Lincoln Park; however, most cats in our program reside in friends homes until adopted. Please contact New Forever Home Rescue if you are interested in meeting one or more of our cats. We will put you in touch of the selected foster home to coordinate a day and time for a visit. 


New Forever Home Rescue

Chicago, IL 60657

Email: newforeverhomes@hotmail.com

Come visit us on facebook or our website for our latest comings and goings! 

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