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Check out our website: www.sevenpetalsdogs.org.


Email is the quickest way to contact us.  We are all volunteers, and cannot always answer the phones.

Adopting A Friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please contact the email address or phone number located within the pet profile for more information.  Our adoption process is simple, but thorough. Please visit our website at www.sevenpetalsdogs.org and under our rescues tab you can find adoption forms. Click on that page and it will allow you to download our adoption application and questionnaire. Complete the form and submit it through the submission box provided at the bottom of that page. If interested, we will email you an adoption application.  We require references and may ask for pictures of your home.  Once approved, we set up an appointment for a meet and greet and informal interview.  If you fall in love with the dog and the dog falls in love with you, you can take your new family member home!

Who We Are

Seven Petals Dog Rescue consists of a group of individuals who are committed to the rescue, care, training, and placement of unwanted dogs.  Many of our dogs have histories of abuse and neglect or have medical problems.  Seven Petals Dog Rescue is committed to the humane treatment of all dogs and strives to provide the highest quality attention and care regardless of past, age, breed, or size. All dogs will be treated with personal attention as if they were human children and given the best opportunity to live a happy healthy life through training, diet, medicine, and proper placement.

Here at Seven Petals Dog Rescue, we believe that dogs fill a special place in our hearts and our lives. There is a reason why we take dogs in to love and to hold as pets rather than raise them for feed. Dogs possess a love rarely seen in humans, a love they wish to share as much of with as many as possible, and receive as much in return. They possess a loyalty second to none where one will stay by their owner through death. They possess indefatigable forgiveness and will always give you another chance. And they possess an innocence lost in most humans by the time they reach their teenage years; one that keeps them excited about grass and butterflies, one that fills them with an overwhelming desire to enjoy life and share that happiness with all.

Come Visit Us

We have two small facilities and several animals in foster homes. Most animals can only be met by appointment.  Please email sevenpetalsdogs@yahoo.com or call us at 217-372-1060 to make an appointment.


Email is the quickest way to contact us.  We are all volunteers, and cannot always answer the phones.

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