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We are at maximum capacity!

Please, please, consider adopting one of our pets!  We are not set up to have foster homes, so our poor dogs and cats really need to get into homes as soon as possible. You could be saving a life!

Long Distance Adoptions!  As a rural shelter, our entire county only has a population of 49,000 people. We seem to have way more homeless animals than adoptive families. WE WELCOME LONG DISTANCE ADOPTIONS!  Recently, Max, a totally blind Cocker Spaniel and another dog named Bear were adopted by a folks from Chicago. And, Husky Cyber was adopted by a family in Wisconsin. Congrats to Max, Bear and Cyber! And, then there is Flash...

One of our "turn-around" dogs, Flash, was adopted by a family in Michigan!  Border Collie Flash had been abused and arrived at our shelter fearful and leery of people. But, with the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers, he "turned around" and became one of our favorites. Flash is now named "Cash" and is enjoying life in northern Michigan where he is the star of his obedience class! More great pets like him are waiting for you at our shelter!

Adopting A Friend

How to Adopt Your New Best Friend

  1. Visit our shelter and pick out your new forever pet. Dozens of cats and dogs are waiting for you!
  2. Fill out the adoption papers and pay the $100 adoption fee*  
  3. Your pet is then taken to get its necessary shots and to be spayed/neutered
  4. Take your new best friend home!!

 *No matter the age or species of the animal, all dog adoptions from Macoupin Country Animal Control and Adoption Center are $100. Cats are $75.

Here's a report about one of of dogs from his new owners:

"Let's see, what can Cash do now after 4 weeks of Obedient Training ...

Well, you know he can sit.  He can also come, lay down, shake, roll over, walk a little better with a leash, up, off, leave it, drop it.
He is the teachers pet ... even the other dog owners have said it. lol  I'm afraid he is smarter than his owners.
2 'drop it' stories ... kitty killed a mouse and left it on the porch ... coming back from a walk with my daughter and Cash, we came on the porch and Meg noticed the mouse.  Cash went for it, but I pulled him back and Meg didn't think he had gotten it (it was dark out).  Once inside I went to take off his leash and Ugh ... there was the mouse tail hanging out of his mouth.  I immediately took him outside and not relishing the idea of having to take a dead mouse out of his mouth I gave the command 'drop it '  .... hoping against hope it would work.  Prayers were answered ... on the third 'drop it'  he did just that.   Hallelujah!
2nd story ... Meg is painting a bathroom ... she had mixed the paint with a wooded stir and turned her head .... heard something, turned back and there was Cash who in a Flash had picked up the stick which was now dripping with paint.  He was still over the drop cloth ... just barely ... Meg took a leap of faith ... 'Drop IT' ... he dropped it on the first command!  Meg said he dropped it so fast because he KNEW he had done something wrong.
Outside of obedience training I have taught him to stay and also we are working on retrieving the Frisbee ... with treats he is doing well.
He loves his KONG treat toy and what we call the magic ball (another treat ball).  He loves 'tug', loves to jump in puddles, loves to sit at your feet with his head resting on your foot, outside he loves to play with the tennis ball that has a rope attached.  He loves sticks too, but we try to keep those out of the yard.
We have been taking him for walks on the weekend on some horse trails near us ... he thinks it is heaven."

Who We Are

We are a rural animal shelter located in Southern Illinois---40 minutes from Springfield, IL and 60 minutes from downtown St. Louis, MO. We always have a wonderful variety of lovely cats and dogs waiting for forever homes. Our staff and volunteers look forward to helping you find your new best friend!

8 to Adopt from MCACAC!
1. Support your community! Adopting here makes room for other local animals who need help.
2. Show your family and friends that pets adopted locally make awesome pets.
3. We are self-supporting and need your support! While a small emergency fund is available from the county, our entire operating budget is provided by people like you.
4. Looking for a purebreed pet? We often have many to choose from! But, don’t forget those cute and loveable mutts!
5. The adoption fee of $100 for Dogs and $75 for cats is a bargain—one of the cheapest around! It includes all shots and spays/ neuters.
6. If you and your pet are not a perfect match, you can return your pet for a refund or exchange within 7 days.
7. Possibly save a life. The state encourages euthanasia, but the caring staff MCACAC strives to find homes for as many pets as possible.
8. Very few “animal control” facilities take a humane society approach. MCACAC proves that this type of approach can work. By supporting us, you are supporting our cause.


Come Visit Us

Pet Viewing Hours: Monday - Saturday  8am-11am

(Or call for an appointment. Please leave a message! We will return your call!)

Shelter Address: 21640 Route 4 • Carlinville, IL 62626

Click here for map: http://mapq.st/sIBIWM

(217) 854-4024


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