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Putnam County Animal Control is new to Petfinder and we are excited to start our new adoption program.  We are a very small county in Illinois and are trying very hard to find new homes for the stray animals in our community.

Adopting A Friend

Lots of animals are in need of loving, permanent homes.  We are doing our best to connect our furry friends with a new family.  Please check out our adoptable animals!

Who We Are

McNabb Veterinary has been in business since 1912 and has been owned/operated by four Veterinarians.  Dr. Allison Spayer, the current owner, is also the Putnam County Animal Control Administrator.  This county does not have an animal facility/shelter.  All of the stray animals reside at the veterinary clinic until adopted, sent to an available rescue, or as a last resort, euthanized.  Unfortunately, this means that we have limited cage space and limited resources.

Come Visit Us

If you are interested in any of our adoptable animals, we would love to have you visit!  Please call and schedule an appointment.

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