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About Metroeast Lab Rescue

    Metro East Lab Rescue was started by Cindy Kuschel. Cindy’s interest in rescuing Labrador Retrievers started in 1986 when she was helping to develop the Highland Animal Shelter. Soon after the shelter opened, a three month old yellow lab puppy was brought to the shelter as a stray. The owners were located, but did not want him back! “Gus” was getting picked on by the other puppies at the shelter, so she brought him home “for the weekend”. Cindy enjoyed Gus for 15 years! Soon after adopting Gus, Cindy realized she wanted to help more labs in need. Twenty-eight years later, Cindy’s passion is still helping as many labs for which she has the time and finances. Cindy feels it is an unspeakable tragedy that we, as a society, put to death millions of healthy adoptable pets. In 2012 Madison County Animal Control euthanized 68% of all dogs and cats taken in. Metro East Lab Rescue focuses on Labs because we feel we can do a better job if we focus on helping one breed. However, because we love all dogs and cats, we almost always have several non-labs and several cats that need good homes. It is heartbreaking to turn down a homeless dog or cat, but time and finances force us to be realistic. Therefore, we try to limit ourselves to ten to fifteen homeless dogs and two or three homeless cats at a time. Even then, we are always over my limit! Sadly, we still easily turn away five dogs/cats a week.

Adopting a friend

    The adoption fee for dogs is $200 and for cats it is $75. This money covers the spay or neuter, required vaccinations for said species, heart worm test and treatment if necessary, a microchip, are groomed or bathed along with adoption counseling to help make the transition as fun and stress-free as possible. In addition: If at any point the pet can no longer be cared for by the original adopter they are encouraged to contact us first so we can rehome the animal if necessary.

    If you would you would like to fill out an adoption application form go to our website at and look for the clickable text in the left sidebar labeled Adoption Application in hunter green right above the list of adoptable cats. Also if you see any incosistancies beween Adopt a Pet, Pet Finder, Facebook, or our website – please call in to check on the critter you are interested in. It is hard for us to keep up with all of these at times. We are more than just a rescue but a pet care provider as well.

Come Visit Us!

We are located at:
Cindy's Critter Camp
2330 South Center Street
Maryville, IL 62062

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment to meet the critter you are interested in.
Phone: 618 344 4096

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