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Even if you cannot adopt a pet, you can still help us save lives! Click the link below to contribute to our no-kill adoption program! With the support of our adopters and contributors, we save hundreds of animals each year!


Helping one animal won't change the world...
But it will change the world for that animal.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Midwest Animal Rescue Service of Illinois
MARS of Illinois

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If you are trying to contact us using Petfinder, you MUST leave YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, or we will not be able to reply to you. PLEASE EMAIL US DIRECTLY at DogsFromMars@aol.com. All adoption details are listed on our website AND in the description of the animal. If you still cannot find what your are looking for, we would be happy to assist you!

Visit: www.DogsFromMars.net to complete an application. Applications are processed within 1 business day. As long as your application is approved, you will have the option to place one available animal on reservation (hold) for our upcoming adoption event.

Email: DogsFromMars@aol.com if we can assist you!

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Welcome to Midwest Animal Rescue Service of Illinois!

MARS is a state licensed (#13839) no-kill rescue. 
(CLICK HERE for the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture Licensee Lookup)

Here is some helpful information about MARS, and some FAQ's

Where is our shelter?Kitty Corner

Our shelter is located in southern Illinois, about 3.5 hours south of Champaign, just outside of Carbondale, IL, home of Southern Illinois University. We schedule adoption events, which is where our animals are available for adoption. EVENT INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON OUR EVENT CALENDAR, AND OUR MAIN WEBSITE AT www.DogsFromMars.net.

We accept online adoption applications in advance of events, and approved adopters are able to schedule meetings with animals they are interested in adopting. Everyone is always welcome to attend a MARS adoption event to meet our staff and animals, and to see what we are all about.

pup at animal control Where do our animals come from?

The animals in our program are rescued from hazardous situations - whether that be neglectful households, raided puppy mills or over-crowded animal control facilities. We then quarantine them for health observation, then make them available in areas that have more adopters. 
Southern Illinois, and the surrounding areas, have major animal overpopulation issues that result in hundreds of animal deaths a week, including entire litters of puppies. M.A.R.S. hopes to alleviate some of the strain on animal control facilities by transporting adoptable animals out of the area to places where they have a chance at not just life, but a GOOD life!


The M.A.R.S. Team consists of 3 Board members (President, Treasurer, and Secretary), 3 Staff members, and a handful of dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for additional volunteers to assist at adoption events and foster dogs, puppies, cats and kittens while the animals are in our adoption program.

After working with other rescue organizations in Illinois, two friends got together with the goal of introducing a new no-kill organization to further assist animals in need in the midwest region. The two friends founded Midwest Animal Rescue Service with the intention of re-homing as many animals as possible. So far, M.A.R.S. has been very successful in working towards this goal and will continue to move forward, offering public education on adoption, spaying and neutering, and proper pet care.


We believe that animal rescue cannot focus solely on the adoption aspect. It has to be about awareness, fewer accidental litters, and community involvement. M.A.R.S. works hard to find matches for pets and people, so that our adoptions maintain a 100% success rate. The people of Illinois all have a responsibility to do what we can to decrease pet overpopulation and suffering. 


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For our event schedule, please visit www.DogsFromMars.net, or view our event calendar here, on PetFinder.

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