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We are a 501c3 Rescue- all of our foster dogs are in foster homes- mainly in the Chicagoland area- we don't have a shelter to come visit the dogs. If intersted in adopting through our rescue- please go to our website to complete our online application -also please keep in mind that unfortantely due to the volume of applications we recived- we cannot respond to all of them and will respond to ones we feel are an ideal match for each of our foster dogs. If you want to make sure we recieved your application- you can reach out to us on our Chicago French Bulldog Rescue FB page by sending us a pm. We do not respond to emails sent through petfinder- as we feel all the info is on the bio for each dog. We will not consider applications that are sent to us not completed by answering all the questions on it. Many people ask us if we adopt out of state- IF your application looks like it may be a good match and you pass the first 3 steps of our adoption process- we will see if we have anyone near you that we know to do a home visit- IF you pass that step- we will require that the new adopting family comes to the foster home to finalize the adoption- we do not ship or allow any dog in our care to be shipped or transported with a transport service. No dogs are permitted to fly in cargo- IF they are small enough to fly in the cabin with their new owner- that is permissable with proof of airline approval.

Adopting A Friend

please read the news for our rescue- we don't respond to petfinder emails or calls- all info is provided in their bios- a completed application from our website is needed to be considered for adoption through our rescue.

Come Visit Us

sorry- our dogs are in foster homes- we don't allow visitation of them by interested parties- IF you are approved for adoption from our resuce- you will get to meet that dog either on your home visit if local or at the time of your adoption.

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