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We're pleased to announce the completion of our new kennel facility, with all the comforts of home for our short and long term guests. As always, our dogs live in a family pack, with 24-hour access to inside and outside space as well as free feeding and watering to prevent issues with food aggression.

Who We Are

GREAT DANE RESCUE MIDWEST is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization dedicated to saving homeless Great Danes. Our Danes are obtained primarily from northern Illinois sources, but can come from anywhere in the country, especially in cases of natural disasters. Private owners, private shelters, municipal animal control facilities and veterinarians send Danes to us for physical and behavioral evaluation, rehabilitation and placement.

As part of our preparation for placement, each Dane receives a Laparoscopic Assisted Gastropexy (LAG), or stomach tack. Developed by the veterinary surgeons at the University of Georgia, a LAG is performed on each puppy entering the US Army Canine Corps training. A proven preventative of gastric torsion or bloat, this minimally invasive procedure sews the muscle of the stomach to the muscle of the abdominal wall through two small incisions 1-3 inches long. This allows the stomach to expand and contract freely, yet eliminates the rolling motion that results in torsion. Without this prophylactic surgery, Danes frequently bloat, requiring an emergency conventional gastropexy, which is effective only if the condition is identified immediately and costs $2,500 - $3,500.

Additionally, each Dane receives a spay or neuter; vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and bordetella; heartworm testing; microchip insertion; dental exam and cleaning; ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Adopting a friend

We prequalify interested parties over the phone, discussing their circumstances regarding housing, children, other pets, level of canine experience and availability of exercise. This enables us to place Danes in compatible homes with a very high level of success. Donations for the Danes reflect our average medical cost per dog with a desirability adjustment to ensure all dogs find a home. We generally ask for a $600-$1,000 donation with some exceptions. Great homes with limited financial resources may qualify for a payment plan.

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Phone: 815-814-4130

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