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We are the news! The Paul Warner Foundation recently became Paul Warner Rescue and is making its debut on Petfinder! Although we have rescued hundreds of pets over the last fifteen years as a private foundation, Paul Warner Rescue is now recognized by the State of Illinois as a not for profit organization. This is an exciting change for us, and provides new opportunities to save needy pets.

Who Was Paul Warner?

Paul Warner was a dog owner, devoted to his own pets and helping others. Recognizing the need for medical care and treatment for indigent, hurt, abused and neglected dogs, Paul Warner set aside funds so that his work would continue after his death. Only animals meeting strict criteria fall under the guidelines of Paul Warner Rescue. We work to heal the hurt, help the helpless, and find homes for the homeless.

Adopting a friend

Because our adoptables have endured difficult, often painful and cruel pasts, it is most important that they find the security and love that they deserve. Some are not physically beautiful, but have the heart and devotion that make a pet an irreplaceable member of its new family. Others carry scars of the spirit: loneliness, confusion, distrust. We are devoted to finding new owners who have patience and realistic expectations.

When you find a Paul Warner Rescue adoptable on Petfinder, feel free to call or write for more information. If you decide to apply for adoption, have your veterinarian's name and phone number ready. Be prepared to supply information about your home, lifestyle, and pet ownership history that will help us match the pet with the most suitable new owner. We hope to hear from you soon!

Paul Warner Rescue
PO Box 1152
Paris, ILLINOIS 61944
Phone: (217) 822-6060

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