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Adopting A Friend

Critter Camp is an Exotic Pet  Sanctuary and we do not generally adopt out the animals.

Most of the animals we accept have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected and are not able to be adopted out. We provide a sanctuary for them right here. However we do often take in litters of small animals, and people friendly animals that do need to be placed in another forever home.

An adoption contract is required after the applicant passes a screening. Follow up calls and visits will be made as well. Critter Camp guarantees that we will accept any animal back that we have adopted out for any reason, at any time if the new caregiver cannot keep it.

 Potential adoptive prospects should send their name, age, address, phone number, email, and a summary of their pet experience, along with the particular animal they are interested in to info@crittercamp.biz

Who We Are

Our animals all live in as close to natural surroundings as possible. For example:
Rabbits naturally live in colonies so we have ours spayed and neutered so they can live together. The current outdoor facility  is insulated, heated and cooled. The 40 rabbits in there now are free to run, hop and play together. Even when rabbits are altered they still tend to pair off with a mate and many of ours have done so. We also have 60 guinea pigs living in the Piggy havens! All free range & no cages! There is one haven for boys & one for the girls.
Our 20 ferrets have a ferret proof room they are allowed to run free!They are played with often by our volunteers as well.

Our Belief:
At a certain point re-homing pets, particularly the unusual and exotic ones, at all costs often serves only
to make the people involved feel better about themselves, irregardless of the stability and continuity of
care the elderly, abused or ill animal, actually needs. Euthanizing such animals brings the rescuer down to
the universally despised level of “puppy-mills” in that if an animal is no longer useful to humans it must
be killed. This is incredibly heartbreaking. Again, people bred every one of these pet animals for human
enjoyment and/or profit, therefore we as humans have an obligation to provide quality care for these
animals for their entire lives whether or not they are “pet quality.”

Critter Camp is an Exotic Pet Rescue Sanctuary located in Northern Illinois.  We accept virtually any animal that has been kept as a pet, other than cats and dogs. If we are not equipped to handle a particular animal we will refer  them on to an appropriate rescue facility. Critter Camp is USDA licensed to exhibit exotic animals and provides FUN, HANDS-ON, EDUCATIONAL, PRIVATE TOURS to help support the rescued animals' care and to provide public awareness. Come pet a FENNEC FOX, touch a HEDGEHOG, hold a BEARDED DRAGON, talk to a PARROT, and much more!
Critter Camp is a registered non-profit charitable organization, with 501C3 tax exempt status.
We are not licensed for wildlife rehabilitation so when we have calls about abandoned wildlife we refer them to a licensed rehab specialist.
We currently operate out of our home and have about a dozen volunteers who help us. We are caring for over 300 exotic animals of 30 different species right now.
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Critter Camp NEEDS Donations Now :
they may be sent to our www.paypal.com  account ( donations@crittercamp.biz ),
mailed to us here at: Critter Camp,  824 Church Street, German Valley, IL 61039,
or through Network For Good: https://www.networkforgood.org/donation/ExpressDonation.aspx?ORGID2=204170986
We've been busy here at Critter Camp writing grants to help get the funding for our proposed GREEN Sanctuary Building-

Critter Camp is a registered 501c3 tax exempt not-for-profit charitable organization. All donations are tax deductable. Receipts available upon request.
Critter Camp is a member of the Freeport ARea & Rockford Chambers of Commerce and the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Please see our site as well: www.CritterCamp.org 

Come Visit Us

Come take our hands-on educational fun tour!! Call or email for details- see our site too! www.crittercamp.org 

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