Adoption/Foster Application




Who We Are Don't Bully My Breed is an advocacy organization that is dedicated to the welfare of bully breeds and other companion animals. Here are just some of the things we do…
  • Assist the public with spay/neuter
  • Fight against breed-specific legislation
  • Help other rescue organizations and/or individuals by courtesy posting their pets on our site
  • Screen applications for other organizations
  • Educate the public about responsible bully breed ownership
  • Combat dog fighting
  • Promote a positive image and understanding of all bully breeds
How to Adopt
  1. View the complete list of available dogs on our Adoptable Dogs page. Make sure to fully read the description of the dog you are interested in to make sure that the information we have fits with your particular needs. In most cases, the information on the website is current and gives the information that we have about the particular dog. It is easy to fall in love with a face, but that dog might not be the best match for your family.

  2. Complete the adoption application (you will need to be at least 21 year old). The application needs to be complete in order to help us determine if the dog you have chosen is a good match for your home. Please email us after completing the application as sometimes technical errors may occur.

  3. Once the application is submitted you will usually receive an email or phone call within 24-72 hours. After a brief phone interview, if everything went well, we will schedule a time for you to meet the dog you are interested in. There is a chance we may tell you that the dog you are interested in is not a good match and may suggest another dog. We will also contact your vet and personal references as well.

  4. If, after meeting the dog you decide you would like to adopt him or her, a home visit will be scheduled. This is also the time where we do dog-dog intros, if needed.

  5. If all goes well with the home visit, and meet-and-greet, you will sign an adoption agreement.

  6. The MINIMUM adoption fee is $300 for adult dogs or puppies. This fee helps us to provide the necessary medical care and other needs for the dogs while in foster care. All dogs are altered, current on shots, microchipped, dewormed, heartworm tested (and treated if necessary), and to our knowledge, in good health before they are adopted out.

    Why do we charge an adoption fee?
    We are all volunteers and as such receive no monetary compensation for our work with the dogs. The adoption fee is used to help defray costs in the rescue and care of the dogs. Adoption fees never cover all the costs that are put into that individual dog, so additional donations are greatly appreciated.
  7. We will deduct $50 from the adoption fee if you enroll your dog in a dog training class (subjected to our approval). Please note that we will require verifiable proof of enrollment and completion of the training course.

  8. Congratulations! You have a new family member. We hope that you and your new companion share a life of love and happiness. Our relationship with you does not end once adoption papers are signed. We take pride in our quality placements and expect updates on the animal. We are also there at any time in the future to give advice and support.

Please keep in mind that not every dog is right for every home, and not every home is right for every dog. You may be an excellent owner for a dog, but a bully breed dog may not be a good fit. Adoptions are done in the best interest of the animal, and should not be construed as a reflection upon the applicant.

Please read the animal's bio carefully to learn where they are being fostered. We do not have a central shelter facility. DBMB places animals in homes throughout Central IL and the greater Chicagoland area. We do not ship or transport animals. We will work on out-of-state adoptions/fosters if you are located near us (2hrs driving radius from Chicago or Peoria, IL).

Foster homes are urgently needed! We can only help as many dogs as we have foster homes. Foster a dog and you'll be literally saving a life! Please email us at if interested in fostering!