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Another year has passed, and we continue to be the way station of many animals go on to enjoy loving homes. Some who were scheduled to be destroyed now live happily with their families, others who lived through the terror of the Katrina disaster now enjoy the warmth and comfort of caring homes.

Millions of animals are destroyed in this country every year because no one wants them. Millions of others are abandoned only to live with fear, hunger, illness, trying to cope with the freezing cold or the terrible heat, or producing babies who produce more babies who have more babies, etc, etc. Because of this problem, all of our animals at Victorian House are spayed or neutered, while we also pursue a mission of spreading the message of the importance of spaying and neutering. And while this idea seems to be taking off, there is still much to do. So we are asking you to help us. Please contribute whatever you can afford to help us continue our work, and help us defray some of the large medical bills that we have incurred Anything you may be able to give is much needed, and very much appreciated.

While we celebrate all the good that has happened, and we hope things that should never have happened will never happen again, we earnestly pray that we will learn to live together with the animals in peace and harmony.

If you cannot make a cash donation you still may help us, by either donating items from our wish list, adopting an animal, putting on a fundraiser, or volunteering. For information on how you can help please give us a call at 217-794-3928 or email us at animals@victorianhouseanimals.org.

With hope for the future,

Joe and Marla Powers

Victorian House Animal Placements
231 N. Wood St.

Maroa, IL 61756
Phone: 217 794-3928

Email: PhoenixStainedGlass@comcast.net
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