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Feline Wellness Center
7211 Franklin St, Forest Park, IL

Please email us with any inquiries!

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About Us

Feline Wellness Center is a Veterinary Clinic located near Harlem
and Lake in Forest Park ,a western suburb of Chicago. We are a
few blocks north of I-290. We are open from 10-2pm Monday
thru Friday and by appointment on weekends.

Adoption Process

If you are interested in one of our cats we encourage you to
come out to the clinic and meet him or her. While you are here
we will ask you to fill out a simple questionare. We are going
to need the name and number of your vet or the vet you plan on
using. You are welcome to use us as your vet as well (we love to
see and hear about how well they are doing in their new home.)
If you live in an apartment, we will need the landlord's name and
number to confirm that cats are allowed in the building. Once
information is verfied and the application is approved, there is
an adoption contract and fee. After all the paperwork is taken
care of, you can take your new friend home!