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I have been rescuing dogs/puppies from my county's pound for over 4 years now and although I work with the county warden, I do this strictly on a volunteer basis. I have no say in the policies of this facility. I have always loved animals and this is my way to make a difference in the lives of these animals. This pound has been around for a very long time and 4 years ago they made additions and shelter improvements. The county is responsible for housing the dogs/puppies (they do not accept cats) for 7 days. The dogs can be reclaimed at any point during that time frame. After that they are euthanized. The pound is not staffed. Cleaning and feeding is done but there are no adoption hours nor is the pound open to the public. The pound is located approx. 2 hours north of St. Louis, 2 hours west of Peoria, 2 hours south of the Quad Cities, and 2 hours south east of Iowa City IA. Carthage is in west central IL on the Mississippi River bordering IA and MO.

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Hancock County Pound

Carthage, IL 62321
Phone: 319-795-4221

Email: sadeghi@mchsi.com
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