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Please consider adopting one of our wonderful cats!! You can view them on our list of adoptables!!


Our big news - Our pound does not have the benefit of air conditioning or heat so extreme weather conditions are very hard on our dogs. Please consider adopting one of the dogs on our list, we would love to get them out of our pound!! On a positive note, we do have a piece of land for our future shelter...yeah!!! Once our shelter is built, our dogs will be fortunate to spend only a very short time in our county pound...we are so looking forward to that day!! If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help us reach our dream of a shelter, please contact us and we can give you details on how to do so. If you are interested in one of our listed pets, please contact Jaimee at Emails are checked on a daily basis, usually in the evenings. Dependent upon the situation, sometimes our animals are listed as either Urgent or Critical. Several factors determine how the animals are listed. If space is an issue at our pound or a dog has been with us a lengthy period of time, those listed as Urgent or Critical need out as soon as possible. Due to the fact we have great difficulty getting our Pit/Pit mixes into rescues or adoptive homes, our maximum length of time for that breed at our pound is 3 weeks. If you believe one of our listed pets could be your missing pet, contact the Schuyler County Animal Control Officer, Dave Edwards. His contact information is listed below.

All of our current dogs are listed on our petfinder site and all are great dogs who need a home!! Please contact us if you would be interested in meeting them.
Spay/Neuter Clinics are available from time to time. Please contact us if you would be interested in having your pet spayed/netuered at a low cost!! Pit and Pit mixes can be done free of charge!!
 Transport, we are lacking in the number of people willing to drive our dogs to meet up with rescue transports. We need drivers!! It is usually a 2 hour round trip and that trip could make the difference as to whether or not a dog makes it out of our pound!! Please consider helping in this area. Our trips typically consist of driving down to Quincy on a Friday. Another area in need would be sponsorships. If you are willing to sponsor a dog for any amount, large or small, please contact us. Dogs with sponsorships have a better chance of making it out of our pound. Volunteering can be done without leaving your home if that is of interest to anyone. We are in need of finding at least one person to help with the day to day activities of contacting rescue groups, communicating with the vet office regarding vet visits, emailing information to needed individuals, etc. Other news, we now offer a low cost spay/neuter clinic...please contact us if you are interested in having your cat or dog altered at a low, low cost!!


Who We Are

We are a small group of people dedicated to helping animals. We do not have a shelter of our own but our dream is to someday have the funding available to build one. In the meantime, we dedicate ourselves to finding great homes or rescues for our furry friends located at the local animal control building, Schuyler County Animal Control. The AC facility is an open admissions facility and space is limited. Although we make every effort to see the animals make it out of AC, time and space work against our efforts. Unfortunately, animals are at risk for euthanasia when space becomes an issue at AC.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption fees include medical testing, microchipping, vaccinations, and altering. Adoption fees for dogs are $100 or $150. Cat adoption fees are $50 or $100. We require all vetting to be completed prior to an animal leaving our care, no exceptions. If not from our local area, we do ask for vet references from your current vet.

Come Visit Us!

Our local AC does not have set hours of operation. If you would be interested in meeting one of our furry friends, please contact the person listed within the description for that specific animal.

Missing your pet?

If you are missing your pet and live in the Schuyler County area, please contact our local AC Officer, Dave Edwards, at 309-613-2765. It is possible your pet could be located at the AC building and not yet on our petfinder pages.

Wish List

Dog food
Collars and leashes
Pet crates...we could really use crates, especially large crates!!!
Durable dog toys


As a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization, we are grateful for any charitable donations. Your contribution is tax deductible and goes directly to helping those animals in our care. Donations can be mailed to our mailing address listed below or you can donate directly through PayPal. We are not a large organization and due to a very limited budget, we are dependent upon contributions to help us pay for vaccinations, worming, heartworm testing, needed medical treatment, etc. Contributions also allow us to offer sponsorships on our listed dogs and cats. We frequently contact rescue groups and shelters to see if they would be interested in helping our animals and having a sponsorship to help pay for vetting can make a difference!!

Schuyler County Humane Society
PO Box 432

Rushville, IL 62681

Phone: 217-322-4132

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