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Southern Illinois Pug Rescue--AnimalWrites

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The only way to adopt a dog is to fill out an application.

If you cannot download and email an application to us, then Mail applications to:

SIPRAW P.O. Box 87 Anna, IL 62906

Obtain an application at www.sipraw.org

Sometimes people send emails in which they ask me not to respond to the address from which the email is sent but to click on a link. I'm sorry but I do not click on links. The sad truth is that some people have nothing better to do than send viruses to rescues.

WE ONLY ADOPT TO STATES THAT ARE WITHIN A REASONABLE DRIVING DISTANCE. We adopt to Tennessee and states that border Illinois. WE DO NOT SHIP DOGS VIA AIRPLANE CARGO!! Would you ship a child via cargo? These are puppy mill rescues. Haven't they been traumatized enough?

We do not adopt out of the country. We will no longer answer emails asking about out of country adoptions or shipping dogs.


We don't adopt to anyone under 18.

Who We Are

“Rescuing Pugs and other Breeds in Need” SIPRAW is an all volunteer, non-profit organization founded in the spring of 2004 by someone in love with pugs, literature, art, music, theatre, and writing. (Thus the Write in AnimalWrites.) Our main purpose is to rescue pugs from puppy mills and place them in loving, permanent homes. We also rescue, care for, and place any unwanted, mistreated, or abandoned pugs. All donations and all adoption fees go solely to the rescue, care, and placement of pugs in loving, permanent homes. SIPRAW’s mission is to rescue as many pugs as possible from puppy mills, care for said pugs, including shots, spaying/neutering, dentals, and treatment for any illnesses, and find excellent homes for these pugs, to educate the public about puppy mills and how to avoid inadvertently buying a puppy from a puppy mill, to reduce pet overpopulation by increasing awareness of the need to spay/neuter, and to increase public awareness of the need for humane treatment of all animals. Our ability to rescue pugs from puppy mills as well as to accept abandoned, unwanted, or mistreated pugs is only limited by finances and available foster homes. We rely entirely on volunteers, donations, and adoption fees. You can see more at www.sipraw.org We attend the auctions which are held each week from September to June and try to outbid the puppy millers who are buying dogs from each other. Because these auctions happen so frequently if we don't have dogs now, we will have them soon. We recommend that you contact us or fill out an application and be put on the wait list. We desperately need donations to use to buy these dogs out of the cages. Puppy mills ARE LEGAL. Dogs in mills--they call themselves "large commercial kennels" or "professional dog breeders" are kept in wire-bottomed cages 24/7. These cages are only 6 inches longer and wider than the dog. By law, that is all that is required. They use the bathroom, eat, sleep, live their entire lives in these cages. Puppy mill dogs are usually wild and sadder than you can ever imagine. It is abuse. Horrible abuse. SIPRAW buys them and rehabs them (tames them, shows them love) and gets them vet care before adopting them to you. --Donation Wish List:

We really would love monetary donations to help us buy these dogs out of the mills. The dogs cost a lot because they aren't neutered/spayed and the millers will be able to breed them the rest of their lives and make a huge profit on them. The auctioneers' make statements like: "This is a '08 model. She's ready to work for you the rest of her life. You'll get your money back with the first litter; after that it's all profit. " Please help me rescue these dogs from these cages, from this horrible abuse.

Adopting a friend

The home where the dogs are kept sustained a lot of damage in the major storm that swept through Southern Ilinois so after spending the summer rebuilding, we are trying to get back on track. Please email me for an application.

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Southern Illinois Pug Rescue--AnimalWrites

Anna, IL 62906

Email: puglove@siu.edu
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