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If you are interested in adopting one of our angels please contact us  at rescue@annieslittleangels.org for an application. We must have an application on file before we will consider anyone for adoption.  All applications will be reviewed and references checked. Please know that we do require a home visit prior to adoption, to ensure that the environment is right for that particular dog.   Our first priority is the dogs future safety & happiness.  If we at any time feel that the dog is not the right fit for your family we may suggest another dog that believe would settle into your family and life more easily.

We do out of area adoptions, except for puppies under the age of 6 months; however, adoptive homes within a 200 mile radius will receive preference. WE DO NOT SHIP ANIMALS! So please be prepared to travel to get your new friend.

Who We Are

Annie's Little Angels Small Breed Dog Rescue is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and  re-homing of abused, abandoned, and neglected animals, as well as educating the public of the harsh reality of the pet store industry and animal welfare. Comprised of dedicated rescuers, volunteers and foster homes. We are a privately-funded organization, without comes from our own pockets, and donations from fellow dog lovers.

Annie's Little Angels works with small breed dogs, we will occasionally have a larger breed for adoption if we have an open foster home. Small dogs do not handle shelter environments as well as larger dogs.  They can lash out in fear, or shut down, they are then labeled unadoptable as a result they are euthanized.

We take in shelter dogs, owner surrenders, as well as with retired breeding dogs, helping them learn their new position in life as a family companion.  All dogs that enter our rescue are fully vetted, all medical needs taken care of prior to adoption. They become part of our family for life. We encourage our adoptive families to update us on their new lives together and send pictures! We LOVE seeing the dogs we help rescue living like royalty in their new homes.

Come Visit Us

Please contact to schedule a visit with the animal you are interested in adopting as all of our animals are in private foster homes.

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