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Check out our website at Please Spay and Neuter! Unfortunately, Itty Bitty Pound Babies is not currently accepting animals. We do transport animals to Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, IL,, usually on Fridays evenings, once or twice a month. Our next transport is planned for early February, 2009 pending approval from AWL. We transport puppies and kittens between the ages of 8-16 weeks, and small (under 20 lbs) dogs. Animals must be friendly and in good health, preferably current with shots and wormings. Transport space is limited. Please email for more information. We have some spay vouchers available. They are $25 and can be used for a dog or a cat (females only). The animal must be spayed at Haire Vet Clinic in Anna/Jonesboro. These vouchers are meant to enable those who have financial need to get their pets fixed. Haire vet clinic offers a $45 cat spay and a $50 dog spay (for dogs under 50 lbs) everyday. Please email for more info. Even one litter is too many... If you might be able to help transport puppies and kittens to Chicago area, or if think you can provide foster care, please give us a call at 549-1109. Our focus at this time of year tends to be transport: getting the babies up to Chicago area rescues where they will quickly find homes. This is the 2nd best way we have right now to save as many of these precious lives as possible. The very best way to save puppies and kittens? Spay or neuter your pet, of course!!!! :) We have no staff, only volunteers, and all work full time. Our apologies to those whose calls we have not returned; we do the best we can, but we just can't keep up all the time. Remember, the animals come first! We have remained focused on helping healthy young puppies and kittens as well as small dogs (under 25 lbs), since that those are the animals we are most able to help. Please bear with us and don't be afraid to call us a second time. Is foster care a possibility in your life? Caring for young puppies or kittens is a lot of work, but if you can do it you are truly saving lives. Email us for more information. We are in desperate need of loving temporary homes that can help care for litters of puppies and kittens and get them through their critical first few weeks away from mom. We need volunteers that are willing to follow state law and apply for a license with the state. It sounds a little intimidating, but it really isn't that hard and Itty Bitty Pound Babies will help guide you through the process. Kittens need daily litter box cleaning, and do just fine in a foster home where they are left alone during the day. Puppies, on the other hand, need someone who can provide mid-day care as well as morning and evening care. Both puppies and kittens need someone to keep them clean and make sure they are eating and thriving. It's hard work, but very rewarding. I'd like to take a moment and thank the many businesses that help us out by giving us discounted goods and services. Haire Vet Clinic in Anna helps us enormously by giving us discounts on vaccines, wormer, and disinfectants as well as providing low cost spay/neuter for the community. Meller-James in Anna has also been helpful with affordable pet care and inexpensive spay/neuter. Mike's Music has offered to donate some recording time for a spay/neuter radio campaign. We are grateful for all the help we receive, and we hope you will support these local businesses. Their discounts and donations allow us to help more animals!. We have become a Not-For-Profit Corporation. We look forward to becoming a full fledged 501c3 organization and really expanding as a rescue. Little bit by little bit....

Who We Are

Itty Bitty Pound Babies is a small rescue focused on the very young, high needs animals that end up in pounds. The majority of our work involves transporting animals up to Chicago-area rescues and preventing unwanted litters by spaying dogs and cats. There simply are not enough homes. We rely on volunteers and foster homes to provide low disease-exposure environments and high quality nursing care for the littlest of the unwanteds. We are also commited to helping find homes for dogs and cats in pounds, and those animals that have been found homeless but are being cared for by individuals instead of immediately being taken to the pound. We are devoted to spay/neuter as the solution to most of the suffering companion animals endure. All of our volunteers work full time. Please try to understand that we have to put the animals first and that if can take a little while to return calls and reply to emails (but you should hear from us within a day or two. Keep calling!).

Adopting a friend

Please send an email to pimentelklein at requesting a pre-application or go to and download a pre-app. Fill it out and return it as soon as you can. If the animal you are interested in is still available, we will request you sign a contract and pay an adoption fee for the animal. If the animal is too young to alter, we require the purchase of a spay/neuter from your vet before adoption. If you are adopting an adult animal, it must be altered before you can take it home. All animals must be spayed and neutered by six months of age. We like to do home visits before adoption and one week to one month afterwards. Most animals are current with shots and wormings and are treated with frontline. Adoption fees vary from animal to animal, but are usually around $75 for an adult, altered cat and $125 for an adult, altered dog (purebreds or small dogs may be more). Kittens and puppies are less ($35-$75), but they must have a spay or neuter purchased for them as well. This works out to be about the cost of 2 months worth of care. We estimate the cost of owning a dog to be about $40-60 a month, $30-50 a month for a cat (in Southern Illinois. The cost is higher in urban areas).

Come Visit Us!

Please email pimentelklein at for an appointment to visit our Carbondale facility just North East of routes 51 and 13.
Itty Bitty Pound Babies
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