Saint Francis Pet Foundation

Our Adoptable Pet List

Who We Are

Thomas G. Carroll established the Saint Francis Pet Foundation in 1998. The organization is committed to providing programs and seminars dedicated to the animals and the environment we live in. In addition to pets, we have permits from the State of Illinois and US Fish & Wildlife which allow us to rehabilitate, release and preserve our wildlife as well.

What Animals We Accept

We like to focus on species that are less accepted in the shelters due to the lack of proper holding areas and special supplies needed for them such as reptiles, parrots, pocket pets, and barnyard animals including poultry, goats and pigs. Please e-mail or call for more information if you are looking to place an animal. If we are not able to assist you we may know of another facility that can. We are here to help!

Rabbit Adoption

Where Are We?

The Saint Francis Pet Foundation is located in Wood Dale Illinois. Francis Farms is located in Harmony Illinois where 20 acres has been preserved for wildlife. Both these facilities are used to help animals in need of food, water, shelter or medical attention. If you have any questions or concerns regarding animals that may need assistance please contact our office by e-mail or telephone.
Saint Francis Pet Foundation
6 N 441 Catalpa Ave.
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Phone: 630-766-4676


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