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e-mail us: or call 773 318 2239

Euthanization rates continue to rise as more and more dogs that need rescue from abuse or neglect or strays are found. Please help us help them! Please foster, or volunteer!

All Fortunate Pooches & Lab Rescue Dogs are available to meet you throughout the Chicagoland area. They are fostered in the Northwest Suburbs. The Foster with option to adopt is an option with a 25 dollar deposit, which is sent to the Department of Agriculture, and any foster with option to adopt home ,is automatically bound to all clauses in our contract agreement which is found on our web site,

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Volunteers & Foster Homes Needed

With the never ending abuse and neglect of animals, lack of education about the importance of spay/neuter; our long term plan is to have our own facility. We need sponsors and donations to realize this dream! In the meantime we are now in desparate need for responsible self motivated foster homes. If you think you can help, even for just a few weeks, please call us.

Do you have a car? Can you give a ride to a dog or two so that they can attend an adoption show & just maybe find their forever home? Are you willing to come to a show and help for a few hours on a weekend? If so, please don't hesitate to call: 773 318 2239 or 847 361 0764

Donations thankfully accepted, perhaps with kisses from a pooch or two! We are solely supported by your donations, and receive NO financial support from any other "humane society" or government body. Donations are accepted through Paypal or mail. Thank you!


There is a crisis in pet overpopulation and there are never enough homes for all the dogs that need your help. We take dogs and puppies from shelters who are to be euthanized. Some are only hours away from being euthanized due to overcrowding, lack of funds, or lack of volunteers and staff. We do not take owner surrenders. If you do not find the companion or pet you are looking for on our Petfinder list, please contact us and we will try to direct you to another rescue or shelter where you may find your perfect dog. Please research what breed of dog or puppy will fit into your family's lifestyle before making a final decision. Their lives depend on it.

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