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News We now can offer Great Dane owners the ability to get their Dane's stomach tacked with a procedure, called a Laparoscopic Assisted Gastropexy. This will prevent torsion of the stomach if your dog begins to bloat. For information and price contact Ms. Bobbi Gubelman at 815-634-4137 To understand the procedure, please visit our vet's information site at We also wish to thank Pro Plan Rally to Rescue in their support of homeless animals. Please visit them at

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Are you interested in adopting a "rescued" Great Dane or in knowing more information about them? Here's a summary of what we do and a phone number to call... We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are contacted by humane societies, animal control facilities, and individuals interested in placing Danes of assorted ages into new homes. We arrange to see the dogs to help check temperatment, and we take them to a veterinary facility for fecal and heartworm checks, shots, spay or neuters, and micro chipping before placing them into new homes. We do not provide dogs for breeding purposes. We interview interested families over the phone to fill out information sheets about their circumstances with housing, children, other pets, amount of yard, exercise, or walking which can be provided. This enables us to attempt to place the dog, as it becomes available, not by the order in which you enroll with us, but by the best "fit" for the dog. Expect to pay approximately $600.00 for a rescued Dane. We hold this donation a week until we see that the dog is fitting in with its new family. Then the donation is used to fund the medical expenses for the next dog. We are happy to talk about medical, feed, or other problems you may have with your adopted Dane, and we ask you to sign a contract agreeing to alert us in future if you have questions or problems with your dog. We provide information on gastric torsion and bloat in large dog breeds and discuss and require that you are prepared to keep the dog on heartworm preventative monthly as treating heartworm is expensive, time consuming, and very stressful for dogs and owners. We do not breed or sell puppies. We will be happy to try to put you in conact with reputable breeders who x-ray for genetic problems, use spay and neuter contracts on pet quality dogs, and who are "responsible" for helping readopt their own dogs that must be returned for some reason. We are looking for Great Homes for Great Danes. Do you qualify?

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