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*For information about our adoption process or for an adoption application ~ please visit our website: Foster/Adoption Process

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11/25/2016 - IMPORTANT NEWS: We are looking for Volunteers*~*~*~*~Come join the team of volunteers at The Darla Foundation.

We always need your help - we are in urgent need of assistance with vet bills. 2016 was a difficult year for our dogs, and our vet bills never stop accumulating.

Christmas is right around the corner. While you are shopping on Amazon you have the opportunity to help us through Amazon Smile (listed just below).

We would not be able to help homeless pets without your help, and we have lots of exciting new ways to help ~ For more information please visit us on Facebook: The Darla Foundation

Every donation is appreciated, and your generosity gives us a much needed boost, BUT's that time again. The year is winding down and people are looking for their deductions for 2016. You need deductions and we need donations so it's a win/win!

About The Darla Foundation

The Darla Foundation loves PetMeds and their awesome donations program!

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The Darla Foundation

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Come out to any of our adoption events: Meet some of our wonderful pets who are looking for their forever families. Find out how to volunteer, meet some of our fantastic volunteers. Find out where your time or talent will make a difference in what we do for the animals in our care. Find out how you are able to help from home ~ We are always looking for foster homes. Stop by and say "Hi". Drop off any donations...we are always in need of animal related items to help us care for all the animals we save! Our "WISH LIST" may be found by scrolling down on this page.

If there are no current events found here, please visit us on Facebook to see what we have going on!: The Darla Foundation Facebook page


M A C K ~ Emergency Foster Home Needed


***EMERGENCY Foster Home Needed!*** Mack needs a new foster home or a forever home, fast!

S E R E N I T Y ~ Needs a foster or forever home


***URGENT*** Foster home or forever home needed for Serenity! Serenity lost her foster home - needs a new foster or forever home.

L I L Y ~ Lost/Missing...REWARD


***URGENT...MISSING...REWARD!*** Please contact us with ANY information you may have about Lily.

To see all of our pets who are patiently waiting for their forever home: Our Adoptable Pet List


The Darla Foundation is a *non-profit ~ 501(c)3 Rescue that is not limited to dogs. If we have space we will help whatever comes along.

*We are a 501(c)3 charity.

-Please be advised that we are NOT taking in any dogs or cats at this time, we simply do not have any space. -

We are a small no-kill rescue & sanctuary. We function with the help of volunteers, foster homes, and donations.

Come join the team of volunteers at The Darla Foundation!

The more volunteers and foster homes we have, the more homeless animals we are able to save and take's a team effort!

The more donations we receive, the more homeless animals we are able to help! All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated!


For information about our adoption process or for an adoption application ~ Please visit our website: Foster/Adoption Process

To see a list of all the pets who have found their forever homes, Click here to see our Happy Tails!

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs


We desperately need foster homes and volunteers to help us care for the homeless animals in our program.

*Volunteers and foster homes help us with animal care and socialization by providing positive interaction with the animals.

*Volunteers and foster homes also assist with transportation of animals to and from Vet visits.

Please help make a positive impact on the life of a homeless animal by volunteering!

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Home, please visit: Foster/Adoption Process

For more information about Volunteering, please visit: Volunteer

Thank You for your interest!

Facebook friends....please visit & like Chicago Canine Concierge

Chicago Canine Concierge's goal is to help new pet parents and current pet owners find the BEST possible services in their area that fit their needs perfectly and for them to have to do as little research as possible. We want to be the one stop source that helps people find the services they require without having to make it stressful and time consuming.

Anytime someone contacts us for service referrals, we will ask where they heard about CCC, and anyone that comes from The Darla Foundation (formerly Cause 4 Paws Rescue - Chicago) and chooses one of our service providers we refer, we will save 10% of the referral fee collected from the chosen provider and send the money back to you!

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Pet Cancer Awareness

Cats and dogs get cancer at the same rate humans do. Cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of our dogs and cats. Since we think of our pets as members of the family it is very devastating to hear about one of our own pets or anyone's pet who gets cancer.

Linda Bober, founder of The Darla Foundation knows this all too well as she lost her beloved pit bull Darla to brain cancer on April 30th, 2010. Read Darla's story below by clicking on her picture. The Darla Foundation asks you to take a moment....learn more about pet cancer, and then make your family and friends aware.

The Blue Buffalo Foundation for Pet Cancer Research, through the Pet Cancer Awareness (PCA) program, is devoted to raising awareness about the warning signs of cancer, as well as educating pet parents about ways to minimize the risk....

the Pet Cancer Awareness website

Once at the Pet Cancer Awareness site you may make a donation to help Blue Buffalo & Petco raise money to fight this terrible disease and to find a cure.

This section is dedicated in loving memory to


To read Darla's story, please visit her page by clicking on her picture.


The Darla Foundation appreciates everyone who has reached out to us! Everyone has helped make a difference for the animals who are lucky enough to find their way to us!

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The Darla Foundation operates solely with the help of donations from generous individuals. All donations are greatly appreciated and TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

If you would like to make a donation using PAYPAL:

More ways to donate


Obviously, cash is king but also ~
-Gift cards for places such as Petco, Petsmart, Farm and Fleet, Big R, TSC, etc.
-We always need cleaning supplies such as bleach, dish soap, Odo-Ban, hand soap, etc.
-Grain free dog food, cat food.
-Horse items: halters, straw, shavings, treats, feed, etc.
-We REALLY could use bath towels for the sanctuary dogs. They make awesome, easy to launder dog beds!
-Dog Food (Science Diet, ProPlan, etc)
-Blankets, Sheets
-Collars & Leashes
-Crates, Cages, Kennel Panels

Cash donations are ALWAYS needed! As a Rescue and Sanctuary ~ Our Vet Bills seem to never stop accumulating. Our Veterinary care for the animals we take in, is priceless to the ~ it is a great way to help us and them :-)

If you would like to donate any of the above items, please send us an email:

Our mailing address is:

The Darla Foundation
PO Box 94
Coal City, IL 60416

Donate a Thundershirt!
Veterinary and Medical Products -

Report Animal Abuse

The Darla Foundation has a Humane Investigator on staff!

If you know of an animal that is being mistreated, neglected or abused, please let us know.

Email us:

You may remain anonymous. Help those with no voice.

Recommended Dog Trainer

The Darla Foundation uses and highly recommends Curtis from "CANIS FAMILIARIS". Curtis is a certified professional trainer/behaviorist. He is well versed in all breeds.

To get in touch with Curtis: Phone: 773-865-6160 or on the web at: Canis Familiaris

10 Things Your Dog Would Tell You....

1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be painful: remember that before you get me.
2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.
3. Place your trust in me- it is crucial to my well being.
4. Do not be angry at me for long, and do not lock me up as punishment.
5. You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I only have you.
6. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I understand your voice when it is speaking to me.
7. Be aware that how ever you treat me, I will never forget.
8. Remember before you hit me that I have teeth that could easily hurt you, but I choose not to bite you because I love you.
9. Before you scold me for being uncooperative, obstinate or lazy - ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I might not be getting the right food, or I have been out too long, or my heart is getting too old and weak.
10. Take care of me when I get old; you too will grow old. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say: "I cannot bear to watch" or "Let it happen in my absence." Everything is easier for me if you are there, even my death. Remember that I love you!

Once I was a lonely dog, Just looking for a home.
I had no place to go, No one to call my own.
I wandered up and down the streets, in rain in heat and snow.
I ate what ever I could find, I was always on the go.
My skin would itch, my feet were sore, My body ached with pain.
And no one stopped to give a pat Or to gently say my name.
I never saw a loving glance, I was always on the run.
For people thought that hurting me was really lots of fun.
And then one day I heard a voice So gentle, kind and sweet, And arms so soft reached down to me And took me off my feet.
"No one again will hurt you" Was whispered in my ear.
"You'll have a home to call your own where you will know no fear."
"You will be dry, you will be warm, you'll have enough to eat And rest assured that when you sleep, your dreams will all be sweet."
I was afraid I must admit, I've lived so long in fear.
I can't remember when I let A human come so near.
And as she tended to my wounds And bathed and brushed my fur She told me 'bout the rescue group And what it meant to her.
She said, "We are a circle, A line that never ends. And in the center there is you protected by new friends."
"And all around you are the ones that check the pounds, And those that share their home after you've been found."
"And all the other folk are searching near and far. To find the perfect home for you, where you can be a star."
She said, "There is a family, that's waiting patiently, and pretty soon we'll find them, just you wait and see."
"And then they'll join our circle they'll help to make it grow, so there'll be room for more like you, who have no place to go."
I waited very patiently, The days they came and went.
Today's the day I thought, my family will be sent.
Then just when I began to think It wasn't meant to be, there were people standing there just gazing down at me.
I knew them in a heart beat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street. And send a Rescue Person to lift them off their feet."
~ Author: Arlene Pace

Come Visit our Website: The Darla Foundation

Come Visit Us!: Visits are by appointment only at this time.

Our Mailing Address is:

The Darla Foundation
PO Box 94
Coal City, IL 60416

Email is the BEST way to contact us:

Please be aware that we are NOT taking in any dogs or cats at this time, we simply do not have any space.

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