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Greyhounds Only, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization whose purpose is to rescue racing greyhounds at the ends of their careers and find homes for them. We serve the metro Chicago area as well as surrounding counties in northwest Illinois and the southeastern corner of Wisconsin.

Check out our list of available hounds!

For a complete list of all available hounds, please see our the Adoptable Hounds Page on our web site. This includes the many new arrivals from Florida which may not have made their way onto Petfinder yet!

The mission of Greyhounds Only is to place retired racing and at risk greyhounds into responsible loving homes, to educate the public about the greyhound breed, to provide access to high quality medical care and to collaborate with others that share our common goals.

If you've never met a greyhound - come see us at a meet and greet or summer art show and get to know this fabulous breed!
Some facts about retired greyhounds:

1) Retired racing greyhounds are gentle, sweet good-natured dogs who can live in nearly every environment - from a city apartment to a sprawling country estate. Our adoption representatives help adopters find the hound that is right for them.

2) Greyhounds retire from their racing careers generally when they are anywhere from 2-5 years of age. Considering the average lifespan of a greyhound is 10-14 years, these pups still a lot of living left to do!

3) Considered to be a 40-mph couch potato, most greyhounds are your stereotypical lazy dog. Even an active greyhound typically has a lower energy level than many other breeds. However - we have seen exceptions!

For information on greyhounds as pets, please visit the information page on our web site: There we have a FAQ about greyhounds as pets, as well as other information that could help you decide if a retired racing greyhound is the perfect pet for you.

The application for adoption is also on our web site - click on "Adoption Application" under our adoptable hounds menu. Our adoption fee is $225, which includes spay/neuter, dental cleaning, deworming, vaccinations, heartworm test, squawker, ID tag and a leash/collar set.

Greyhounds Only, Inc. is an entirely volunteer-driven greyhound adoption group. If you can't adopt right now, why not consider volunteering, and helping out these fabulous hounds? Please see the volunteer opportunities on our web site.

If you can't adopt right now, but would love to make a donation, please mail it to:

Greyhounds Only, Inc.
335 E. Geneva Rd #173
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Or make a donation via PayPal:


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