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Our Featured Homeless Rescue: Mimi Pekingese
Mimi Sweet, playful Mimi is a 1-1/2 year female Pekingese. She is the perfect companion and just wants to belong to someone. She is not limited in any way and no one who meets her believes she is blind. We believe she has been blind or mostly from birth and like most blind dogs, she has adapted very well. She stays right next to you as you walk through the house, using her sense of sound. She is extremely playful, loves toys (especially miniature tennis balls) and likes to play with other dogs. She would love to be placed with any other gentle, tolerant dog. She is a little mouthy with other dogs and people, using her mouth to 'play'. She is partly housebroken, but we think she can be fully housebroken once placed - she is very good at understanding and adapting to routine. She is just adorable and so full of joy! Mimi is always happy, always ready to play with people or other dogs. She is fine with cats as well. She enjoys being outside, but certainly requires a home with a fenced-in yard.
Mimi does have to take Phenobarbital. It is a very cheap medicine and it seems to have stopped the seizures. She would do better in a home that does not have small kids because of the activity level. She loves the 9 year old in one of our foster homes. She spent Christmas with the family and absolutely adores kids.
WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CHECKS. Adoption donation 250.00. Please click on this Online Application if Mimi is the dog you are interested in. All our dogs are spayed /neutered up to date on Shots, Micro chipped and on flea and heart worm preventatives. Application and home visit required.
If you would like to help one of our babies with medical expenses, you can do that with your own specific requests through our PayPal link below. We are a non-profit rescue, but not an IRS 501(c)3. If you need to donate to an IRS 501(c)3, you can also help our babies through the web site of the
Pekingese Charitable Foundation. Please specify "In Your Heart" and the dog's name. You will receive a receipt and a personal "thank you" note in either case!

The Life and Times of Buttercup

I lay here once more on the edge of this bed.
I snuggle and cuddle close next to his head.
I feel the soft blanket under my tummy.
I know in the dish I have food that is yummy.
Clean cool water to drink is there for me too.
I even have a chew toy that was once his shoe.
I give him my love all I have here to give.
Let me stay close to him and forever more live.
I once sat all alone in a cold wire cage.
Making puppies for pet stores because that was the rage.
I lived there in that puppymill to the ripe age of ten.
It was a terrible place living there in that pen.
I often times wonder where my babies are at night.
I hope for a scrap of food they don't have to fight.
My hips got bad from living on that wire.
Having someone to love was my only desire.
Then one day they sent me to an auction to sell.
I knew in my heart it must be better than this hell.
I couldn't believe all the dogs in that place.
The one next to me kept growling in my face.
Soon off to the table it was my turn to go.
I looked at the people trying to see anyone I know.
The people looked at me and started to bid.
I wished I wasn't here, just wish that I'd hid.
Then off from the back of the room I did see.
The face of an angel looking right straight at me.
The angel raised his arm and began to shout.
I'll take her myself, I'll pay that amount.
Then I was carried away to a cage one last time.
I'd tried to be good and committed no crime.
The cages were opened and dogs left that place.
When my cage was opened I saw the angels face.
He picked me up and held me even though I smelled bad.
I knew by his voice the angel wasn't mad.
Then off to this place that I now call home.
By his side I will stay and never more roam.
I must have been blessed some time long ago.
Because when he holds me tight I just seem to glow.
I often times think about my life long ago.
Rescue people are really angels you know.
They save us from places called puppy mills you see.
I pray all my brothers and sisters will someday be free.
Author Unknown

"In Your Heart"
Pekingese & Small Dog Rescue
Aurora, Illinois

Adoptable Pekes Adoption or Volunteer Application Happy Tails

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