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We are a non-profit, all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 organization devoted to rescuing rabbits from shelters and finding good homes for them. We also have a mission to educate the public on issues of rabbit care, health and behavior.

Adopting a friend

HRS Chicago generally follows the adoption policy as set by the National House Rabbit Society. We ask that you review the policy before proceeding. Here is a link to the policy. The adopter and primary care giver must be over 21 years of age (and out of college).

Below is a brief description of our adoption process so you understand how we operate.

Our adoption fee is $95 per rabbit to help cover the cost of an initial medical exam and spay or neuter surgery. The adoption process starts with the prospective adopter being sent an adoption application and then being interviewed by phone by one of our adoption counselors. If the counselor and the prospective adopter feel that adoption is right for everyone, the process passes to our adoption director who will try to match the adoptive family with an appropriate rabbit. It is important that we understand the potential adopter's home environment so we can match them with a rabbit who will fit into their life style. Rabbits have distinct personalities with definite likes and dislikes. This is especially important if the new rabbit will have another rabbit friend. We find that adoptions are more successful when the personalities of the rabbit and the adoptive family are well matched.

Our foster rabbits are in a network of foster homes throughout the Chicago area. We attempt to match potential adopters with a foster rabbit in their local area. If you would prefer to be able to go into a shelter to view the animals, there are a few Chicago area shelters that have good adoption programs. You may also want to check with one of them. Most shelters list on

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