Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club Rescue

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Our Featured Sheepdogs...

Our featured Sheepdogs last month were these two adorable Senior brother and Sister ..... Please read their description ..... they needed a new home, hopefully together and with the help of Petfinder, we found the perfect home for them. ..... the sad news is that we have gotten more adoptable (and adorable) sheepdogs into rescue.

Fritz ...

Charlie ...


We are newer to Petfinder, so please bear with us as we develop our page with much more info about Old English Sheepdogs and how to live with them happily.

Who We Are

We are the rescue arm of the Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club. We are dedicated to finding new homes for Sheepdogs that need one for any reason.

Adopting a Sheepdog

Another very happy adopted dog ... in his new snowy home. ... Old English Sheepdogs are definitely one of the most interesting and challenging dogs to own. Very intelligent, incredibly affectionate ... often known to train their owners faster than the owners can train them. High maintenance (lots of grooming), generally active dogs ... they require a fenced yard and a fair amount of exercise. Yet we often refer to them as "velcro" dogs because they would rather be next to their human than anywhere else. Because of their dominant personalities, they are often not good in homes with young children.

Please Call and then Come Visit Us!

We suggest that you first call and see what we have available and if you qualify .... then we will make arrangements for us to meet you and you to meet the dog. It is important that each dog and each home be individually matched. Please understand that we are *very* particular about the homes for these dogs, because we don't want to break your heart or the heart of the dog if another home does not work out.
Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club Rescue

Call Sally of Chicagoland OES Club in Illinois
Phone: 847-464-4531

or Jan Guthrie at 847-338-8808

or Email Sally at:
Please tell us in the email where you are located and how to get in touch with you.

If you email please follow up with a call .... we prefer to actually talk to you, person to person. And we do NOT ship dogs. We must be able to meet you, visit your home and talk face to face. We prefer to be close enough to follow up and help as you and the dog learn about each other.
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A picture of one of our Adopted Sheepies relaxing happily in her new home.
Call if you think you can make a Sheepdog this happy ....
But, Mom, I need just a couple more toys, please ....

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