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Pet H.A.V.E.N. (Helping Animals Voice Essential Needs) is a nonprofit, all volunteer rescue organization, formed to help provide for the needs of the many homeless cats and dogs in Kendall County. We began as a fundraising arm for the county shelter, but more recently have taken on the task of fostering our own animals through a small network of foster homes and the use of a local boarding facility. Pet H.A.V.E.N. takes in mainly owner released pets. These are pets who, through no fault of their own, but due to circumstances such as allergies, divorce, death, moves, etc., have been given up by their owners. Many of these pets have been loved and well cared for, and therefore would have an especially difficult time adjusting to life in the "pound".

Adopting a friend

An adoption application may be required. We personally interview potential adoptors and try to match each pet with the best possible home. Adoption fees vary based upon expenses incurred, but in most cases the adoption fee is around $200 for dogs (a $50 spay/neuter deposit may also be required for puppies under 6 months of age) and $40 for cats (an additional $40 spay/neuter deposit may be required for kittens under 6 months of age). Deposits will be refunded when the adoptor provides us with evidence that the pet has been spayed or neutered. The adoption fee includes any veterinary care and expenses incurred prior to adoption. All of our pets are up-to-date on routine vaccinations and, when possible, spayed or neutered before adoption.

Come Visit Us!

We currently do not have our own shelter. Since our animals are staying in various foster homes or are boarded at our local kennel, they may be seen by appointment only. Please call to arrange a convenient time to meet the pet of your choice.
Kendall County Pet H.A.V.E.N.
Oswego, IL 60543-9141
Phone: (630)554-2190

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