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We are a non-profit organization and rely solely on private donations. Visit our website at

Who We Are

Animal House is a "No-Kill" Shelter for all breeds of dogs and cats. The shelter houses abused and neglected dogs and cats and rehabilitates them mentally and physically in order to adopt them out to loving homes. All dogs and cats are given vaccinations, heartworm tested/FeLV/FIV tested, dewormed, neutered, microchipped and on Heartgard and Frontline Plus monthly. They are socialized with each other and people all day. Special time is spent with each animal in an effort to better understand the animals and their individual needs. The more we know about each animal, the better job we can do for them in placing them in their forever homes.

Adopting a friend

Visit the website at You must be at least 21 years old to adopt. Please fill out the Online Application and submit it to save time, or you may fill out an application here at the shelter. The 'How to Adopt' page on our website has our directions, hours and adoption policies. Please remember that we do not adopt unless everyone in the household is present at time of adoption, including any other dogs currently living in the household. We have open adoption hours from 11:00 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sun. Tuesdays we are open 11am-4pm & Saturdays 9am-7pm. No appointment is necessary. We are always open on holidays at the same time. Our website is updated to provide you with the most current and pertinent information regarding the shelter. If you still cannot find the answers you are looking for on the website, please call the shelter at 847-961-5541 during business hours and someone will assist you.

Come Visit Us!

Please visit our website for more information and detailed directions to the shelter!

Phone: 847-961-5541


Animal House Shelter

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