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Richland County Animal Control is responsible for keeping the public safe from potentially dangerous animal related situations including, but not limited to neglect, over population, owner relinquishments, bite cases and stray animals. Approximately 500 complaints are handled by us per year, covering 360 square miles of county land.

In 2009, 824 animals came through the shelter. 89% of the dogs and 18% of the cats were either adopted or placed with rescue groups. The shelter is always full of a great selection of potential household pets.


Turn west onto Mack Avenue at the Rt. 130 intersection and continue approximagely one mile. Turn left at the "Richland County Animal Control" sign. Stay to the left as the road splits. The Richland County Animal Control is located beside the water treatment plant.


We can not accommodate same day adoptions.

A fully completed pre-adoption form is required to be considered for the adoption of a pet. This form is available at the shelter or can be emailed to you. Note that there is a home visit and veterinary reference requirement that will need to be met before any pre-adoption form is approved/not approved. If approved, there is a $20 adoption fee, a $10 microchip fee (to cover the cost of the microchip) and prepayment and scheduled appointment made to the veterinarian of your choice for vaccines and spay/neuter. The total cost to adopt a pet is approximately $150.

Please note that an animal cannot be placed on hold during the adoption process. You may feel more comfortable getting pre-approved for an adoption before deciding on a specific animal.


If an animal has not been claimed by their owner within 7 days of the shelter aquiring it, the shelter puts the animal up for adoption. If an owner relinquishes the animal directly to the shelter, the animal is immediately available for adoption. Animals available for adoption are also available to be placed with rescue groups. Euthanizing an animal is a last resort dictated by space available at the shelter.


Phone Cards - for long distance calls
Food (dry) - dog, puppy, cat and kitten
Collars - dogs and cats, various sizes
Peanut Butter
Treats (moist) - cat and dog
Flea prevention - Advantage/Frontline, all weight ranges
Litter - clay cat
Bedding Sheets
Shampoo - dog and cat, flea and non-flea
Copy paper - white
Printer Ink Cartridges - for Dell 922, color and black
Batteries - AA, D, 9 Volt, AA Lithium
Postage Stamps
Lysol Spray Deodorizer Spray
Air Fresheners - solid
Gift Cards to various retail establishments
Donate a Bed Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda beds, but we do not have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed for another shelter dog at discounted price, please click here.
Tax deductible monetary donations should be made out to Shelter Friends, and mailed to Shelter Friends, 218 S. Morgan, Olney, IL 62450.
4061 E. Seven Hills Lane
Olney, IL 62450
Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 8am to 3pm or by special appointment
Phone: 618-393-7526 (long distance phone calls will not be returned)
Facebook FanPage: Richland County Animal Control (Illinois)
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