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Who We Are

ALAC Rescue is the officially sponsored rescue organization of the American Lhasa Apso Club. Our headquarters is in Gaithersburg, MD, but we have a nationwide network of volunteers who foster Lhasa Apsos waiting for adoption.

We try hard to find permanent homes for all Lhasas in need, and we are very fortunate to have within our volunteer base many people who can assist our adoptive homes with their dogís transition to a new life. These volunteers have lived with and loved Lhasas for years and are well versed in Lhasa Apso behavior, as well as dog behavior in general.

Our adoption process is designed to carefully match a dog to fit in with the lifestyle/environment of the adoptive home. This can take some time, but we are very proud of the success we have had. If you are anxious to get the perfect dog tomorrow, rescue may not be your best avenue. However, it does happen quite fast sometimes. That is the nature of rescue.

Adopting a friend

Our rescue dogs come from every imaginable situation, including homes where they have been abused or where children have been allowed to tease or mistreat the animal. Because of this, we have a policy of not adopting to families with children under the age of 12. This policy is for the protection of the children, our rescue dogs, and for liability reasons.

Our entire adoption process is described on our website at LhasaApsoRescue ~ click on Adoption. As you reach the bottom of each page, a link will take you to the next step.

Our Adoption Application is electronic and can be filled out and submitted from our website. After completing the online Application, print out and fill in the Adoption Contract and Liability Release. Signatures of ALL adults in household required.

Mail all forms to: ALAC Rescue P.O. Box 83298 Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3298. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Please print legibly. Indicate your interest in a specific dog if you have one.

After we receive your completed application, we will follow up with a phone interview, reference checks, and a home visit.

Please note: Out of State Adoptions can be complicated. We normally do not ship dogs and try to find homes that are in the same geographic region the animal is in. Driving transports have been arranged, but the adoptive homes are held responsible for returning the dog to rescue if the adoption is not successful. Prospective homes that are willing to do the driving are looked upon very favorably. We fly dogs ONLY under special circumstances where the animalís life is in jeopardy.

Dogs shown on that are currently in shelters or being handled by other rescue groups do not require the above process. Check with the contact for each individual dog listed on our website.

Contacting Us

In addition to contacting our National Coordinator, we have both Regional Coordinators, and State Representatives. Just go to: Dogs. Regional Coordinators are listed on the opening page. State Representatives are listed on the individual state pages!

American Lhasa Apso Club Rescue Contact Information

Mid-Atlantic Region
Everett, PA
Phone: 814-624-5136

Great Lakes Region
Northwest Region
Snohomish, WA 98296

Southern Region
Colorado Region
Loveland, CO

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